Electronic Systems Technology

Associate Degree

Training at an associate’s degree level in the field will teach students to set up, repair, and maintain a variety of electronics. Students can earn a degree through an accredited technical school by completing two years of study. Coursework may contain subjects like technical writing, computer repair theory, wireless communication theory, microcomputer software theory, and much more. With the training received at this level of education students can find themselves in careers like electronics systems technician, telecommunication specialist, satellite installer, home entertainment equipment repair technician, and more.

Bachelor Degree

Accredited degree training at a bachelor’s level typically requires four years to complete. With a vocational training program students can train in a variety of areas based on their desired career. Specific areas of study can include control systems, electronic circuitry, communications technologies, electrical systems, networking systems, and many other subjects. With the skills and knowledge learned in these areas students can pursue a variety of careers. Possible employment can include working as civil engineers, electronic repair technicians, systems designers, computer technicians, and more.

Master Degree

Students who wish to obtain a masters degree in electronic systems technology can do so with an additional two years of study with an accredited technical school. Students will prepare for careers in engineering and electronics. Coursework will vary but may consist of studying computer systems, technical math, automotive electronics, electronic controls, and more. Training in these subjects will help to prepare students for a number of exciting careers. Possible career opportunities can include being a mechanical engineer, satellite installer, technical support specialist, and many other related professions in this field.

Doctoral Degree

Doctoral degrees or PhD’s can be obtained through an accredited vocational school. Students can expect to spend an additional four years on study at this level. Coursework can include studies in communication, control systems, digital circuitry, and more based on the desired career. Training will allow students to enter into careers as researchers, industrial engineers, professors, and more.

By enrolling in an accredited higher education training program students can receive the skills and knowledge needed to enter into the career of their dreams. Accreditation is provided by agencies like the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology ( http://www.abet.org/ ) to programs that can provide the best quality education. Students can begin their training by researching various electronic systems technology schools and colleges and requesting more information about the degree of their choice. Enrolling in a program today will start you on the path to an exciting new career.

Modern Photo Printer

When we download digital pictures from our camera onto our computers, we then have the option to print the pictures from our printer. But suddenly, the average printer wasn’t good enough, as they turned pictures that boasted contrasting light and bold colors on the computer into washed-out grainy reproductions upon printing. The photo printer, rather, is designed to give you a true, superior reproduction of your photo and does so in very little time. Most designs of the photo printer include the use of an ink-jet system that has the ability to represent color meticulously.

There are even newer models of a photo printer that offer the ability to plug your digital camera straight into the printer, thus eliminating the need for download onto your computer. These advancements continue to come as manufacturers assess and meet the needs of today’s busy consumers.

Surprisingly, the photo printer is quite reasonable in price. But, keep in mind that the materials needed to operate a photo printer can be on the pricey side. Specialty photo paper and color toner cartridges can add up over time. However, if you balance the price against the cost – over time – of sending out digital photos for printing, you’ll find that the price of the material pays for itself.

When determining what photo printer is best for you consider the frequency of which you will use it, any space considerations you may have, desired features, and price. Any computer supply store will offer a variety of photo printer models from which to choose.

Electronic Repair Courses

You can take up courses like programmable logic controller (PLC), Industrial Automation Electronic, Microcomputer troubleshooting, electronic control systems, networking, computer repair, printer, laptop, monitor, appliance, motherboard, TV, cell phone and etc. You have the choice to attend full time or part time. Nowadays there are many online home study courses too. These specialize courses duration usually are between 3-6 months. Competition is so great and you need more than one skill to face the challenge. I have a friend who is working in oversea told me that if you say you are good in electronic repair, 100,000 peoples are also good in this field so what makes the employers want to hire you as a technician or engineer. The answer is multitasking, that’s mean besides doing component level or circuit board repair work you have to be good in other area such as networking, computer programming and etc. You will be glad if you have attended those courses.

I once attended a seminar where the speaker mentioned about company resizing, company restructuring, and retrenchment, lay down workers, and reorganize company, in other words the speaker said you are fired! We have to fully equip ourselves and be ready to face whatever challenge that is coming on our way. I had some repair friends who never attend any electronic repair courses before and they are venturing into the repair business. Although they can do the repair work, not all equipment can be repaired. This is due to their limitation in understanding electronic. Their jobs are mainly replacing components rather than doing voltage troubleshooting, using scope and etc. I always encourage them to take up at least a basic electronic course to further their knowledge and hope to bring in more income for them. I even encourage them to surf the internet to gain more electronic repair knowledge.As for me, besides repairing monitors and conduct classes on electronic repair, I took up internet marketing as another field for me to venture in. Though my passion is in electronic repair, I begin to like internet marketing because it can generate a passive income for me. I can see the potential in it because you can market to the whole world and make money while you are sleeping. Throughout the few years I had learned about building websites (electronicrepairguide.com was built by me). Building website is not hard, as long as you must have the passion of doing it. I do not know about your passion, but additional knowledge whether in electronics repair or non-electronics is a great advantage for you and learning has no end. Who knows one day I might end up taking robotics designing and repair course.I have read this quote from a bulletin and would like to share it with you.

iPod Clock Radio

Selling at right around $100.00 US, the sleek design of the iPod clock radio makes it ideal for any type of home décor. It comes in two colors, white and black, with the front of the system designed for speaker space and an easy to read backlit display that gives the time with a backlight adjustment that can go from very dim to very bright. This is a great function for those that have difficulty sleeping with any type of light in the room, as well as for those that want to be able to clearly see the time at a quick glance.

The iPod clock radio has a dock for the iPod located directly behind the button controls for the AM/FM radio that are on the center top of the radio unit. Since the radio doubles as a docking station, the iPod batteries will be completely charged in the morning, even if you wish to program it to play softly all night. The adjustable sleep and wake up features allow you to choose the volume and length of time that the sleep unit will function before automatically shutting off. There is also a gradual wake feature that allows you to wake up to your favorite tunes. The radio also can serve as the wake up sound, or there is an optional buzzer or alarm that can be used as well. The volumes, when using the wake or sleep function, will gradually increase or decrease, allowing for a very natural wake up or sleep option.

In addition the iPod clock radio has a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume or any other features on the clock simply and without having to move. As with any other iPod accessory there are high quality stereo speakers built into the radio to give the same clear, high quality sound you would get if you were listening directly to your iPod. The iPod clock radio is one of the most popular of the larger iPod accessories and makes a great gift for yourself or your favorite music lover.

Chassis to Protect Electronic Modules

Different types to fit your needs

Depending on your needs or specifications when it comes to the safety of your electronic modules, you can choose from the following different types of rackmount chassis:

  • 1U: This can fit in a single shelf on the rack. They are able to support single and dual processors since they are 1.75 inches high. They also have the lowest chassis profiles.
  • 2U: This type can cover 2 shelves on your rack. They are capable of supporting quad processor systems and they also have twice the capacity of the 1U. Their depth is almost 24 inches and they are 3.5 inches high.
  • 3U or 4U: If you need 3 to 4 shelves, then the 3U or 4U chassis is for you because they are perfect for cluster applications that require the use of many I/O cards, video cards, and high-speed networks.

Things to consider

Whether it is a 1U, 2U, or a 3U/4U, try to make sure that it is compatibility with your rackmount server. You also need to consider the kind of cluster application that you have before you buy one. Furthermore, choose a chassis that is made of aluminum or steel to ensure resistance to heat and extreme changes in temperature. Remember that a durable chassis can do more for the protection of your electrical modules especially during shipping and handling.

Consumer Electronics Auctions

The newest trend is that an individual seller conducts consumer electronics auctions mostly online. A major advantage of online auctions is that they save time and money. Consumer electronics auction sites demand that sellers register, and pay a fee each time they auction an item. In almost all cases, sellers list a reserve price, or the minimum bid they are willing to consider, and also set a time limit for bids. Some sellers also include a full description of the item being auctioned, and a photograph, and are willing to respond to any questions about the item. At this point, the seller establishes contact to discuss payment options, shipping, refunds and follow up service, if available.

These auctions may not proceed smoothly or to the satisfaction of the seller and the bidder. Fraud may be committed by either party, usually involving payment or receipt of items. It is important to research online auction sites and to find one that enjoys a good reputation.

ComputerAuction.com, eBay.com, Ubid.com, Dell Computer Auctions, LaptopExchange.com, Digibid.com, Auction Max.com, The PC Auction House, DealDeal.com, Laptop Auctions.com, Digital Auction, FairAuction.com, AuctionX, ZDNet Auctions, Aufiogen, Sams Computer Auctions, Aber Bid, Auction Depot Limited and Smart Home Auctions are some of the popular consumer electronics auction sites. They are great resources on the Internet, providing incredible information about various electronic products.

Flat Panel Displays

This is a great option for anybody using 30″ – 50″ flat panel displays. But beware; some displays may not be able to be tilted as much as you would like. Check your owner’s manual to make sure your specific monitor will work in that application. In a portable church situation or on a stage where the set up often changes, the use of a portable display stand is going to be much better than a permanent installation. Contact Fowler for more information on the portable monitor stands.

At Infocomm, Panasonic unveiled the 103″ plasma display panel (PDP) with 1080p (progressive) High Definition resolution. With a display of 1,920 _ 1,080, it’s not just big, it’s High Definition and it’s GORGEOUS! To give you an idea of just how big it is, this display is the size of four 50″ plasma displays. A plasma that size is a great concept for large presentation display, but a bigger screen size means an even bigger price tag, and in order to be one of the first to get it, prepare to pay top dollar for this gem. It is scheduled to start shipping by the Christmas season.

If you need something sooner, Panasonic has introduced its seventh generation of Professional Series plasma displays consisting of a 37″, 42″, 50″ as well as a 65″ High Definition Panel. The new Professional Series family boasts Panasonic’s phenomenal image quality, high contrast (4000:1 on SD / 3000:1 on HD) and multi-slot functionality, as well as improvements in peak brightness, displayable colors, service life, multi-screen capabilities and customization options. These ultra-thin displays can be horizontally or vertically mounted and offer a wide viewing angle of more than 160 degrees. The panels are equipped with a host of energy-saving functions, and its contrast automatic tracking system senses ambient lighting conditions and adjusts brightness and gradation accordingly. We’re told that these eye-catching displays will begin shipping in July. For more information on plasma and LCD displays call Fowler.

As the price of gas goes up, the price for electronics has been going down. What does this mean for your church? That depends on what you’re looking for. With flat panel displays becoming more affordable, digital signage for the lobby may be within your church’s reach. A confidence monitor for the stage may now become an option. Extra displays could be installed in the sanctuary to overcome any line-of-sight issues (awkward angles, poles obstructing view, etc.) or just to add the “cool factor”. You might even consider a larger display for your kiosk than you originally planned. Regardless of the application, options are becoming available to churches that didn’t exist even a year ago.

Digital signage could greatly benefit from the use of wireless technology. Instead of having to run all those cables through multiple walls or ceilings, a signal can be broadcast anywhere in your facility. This means you would be able to transmit graphics or video from a computer, DVD or camera to any number of displays in the lobby. You could put a plasma in the nursery and watch what’s happening in the sanctuary. The only place wireless is not recommended is on stage. The transmission of a wireless signal does tend to have a delay, so it may not the best idea to use wireless monitors in the same place as wired monitors or projectors. Also, long distances and certain types of wall structures or blockages can have an effect on wireless signal strength. Check with a Fowler representative to see if wireless technology is the right solution for your church.

Laser Printer Supplies

The significant feature of a laser printer, which makes it popular to use, is its capability to produce printouts that are of high quality. It can also print graphics in addition to text printing. When it was initially introduced, the laser printer was too expensive and a limited number of end users could afford it. However, given the trend in technological innovations, the price of laser printers has declined substantially through the years.

Aside from its present competitive cost, the advantages of using laser printer over the other popular type of printer, which is inkjet, are its faster printing speed, the more distinct text and consequently, the lower cost incurred for every page printed.

Laser printer supplies can be easily procured from any wholesale or retail stores that sell computers and computer accessories. The wide selection of their products’ supplies covers the major computer brands or labels. Thus, if you specifically need a certain brand for your toner cartridge, you can be sure that most of them carry that brand. As the competition in laser printer supplies increases, there are even stores that specializes in selling laser printer toner cartridges only. As a come-on, some of these suppliers have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products over a certain period of time.

As more people prefer to use laser printers, the suppliers for this type of printers are bound to increase over time as a result of the anticipated rise in demand.

Server Cabinets

One of the most frequently encountered problems in rack mounting, is that of incompatible rail kits not fitting into Third Party cabinets.

As the mounting depth for OEM rails vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and the server cabinet may be located in a tight or confined space, it is becoming more and more important to make the correct decision and chose the right product that will protect your valuable equipment.

To make sure that all the correct criteria are met, a cabinet that can accommodate a variety of manufacturers equipment or house any of the larger server units, must be 600mm wide and 1000mm deep, which will give enough depth from front to back.

This size will also provide the room to fit the full rail kit and also the added advantage of allowing for a neat, uncluttered cable management assembly.

Equipment installation should also be made easier by having four completely adjustable mounting posts that can be set to the required depth of the equipment.

Other features that should be standard include cable access points top and bottom, lockable and removable side panels, front and rear doors, which allows easy access for servicing and maintenance.

Perforated doors keep hard working equipment within acceptable temperature ranges, but an optional roof mounted fan unit, which should be custom designed to integrate seamlessly with the cabinet, can provide an additional level of control over temperature.

Other considerations for ready assembled cabinets include the delivery and positioning to exact locations.

The best suppliers will always offer a service that includes the delivery, off loading and positioning of the unit, followed by the complete removal of protective wrapping, cardboard, foam and pallet, which does not put any additional load onto your waste disposal.

The RackSolutions cabinet meets all OEM requirements, whilst being almost universally compatible with all manufacturers’ rail kits and servers, which means that you are assured of obtaining a solution that also protects and future proofs critical decisions regarding additional equipment installation.

Contact us for further details of choosing a server cabinet, suitability of particular items, or for any information regarding rack mount solutions difficulties,.

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Copier Lease Or Purchase

Unless you will be needing multiple copies of documents everyday, generally, the better and more economical choice is a copier lease. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Maintenance and repair of your own copier machine could turn out to be costlier and more time-consuming than you think. If you have a copier lease, regular maintenance will be provided for you and if you need the machine to be fixed, all you have to do is call the vendor and they will send a repair guy to you right away.
  • In the same way, when a part of your copier needs to be replaced, you may have to go to several stores before you find the exact part that you need…and then you have to install it yourself. If you have a copier lease, they will be the ones to look for a high-quality but low-cost copier part. True, you will have to pay for the part, but installation services are free. In addition, some copier leases also give you the benefit of free minor parts and free installation. Most companies will also provide you with a temporary unit while your own copier is undergoing repairs.
  • When the time comes when you want to change to a more advanced model, it will be very easy if you have a copier lease. Leasing companies are always willing to modify your lease and exchange your current machine with a newer model.

On the other hand, if your copier machine was purchased, and you want to buy a new one, you will end up with two copier machines. Unless you have sufficient storage space, you will have the burden of looking for a buyer for your old unit, or dispose of it in some other way.