Keeping Electronics Clean

It is always advisable to read through the user manual before you start cleaning your electronic devices. In case of any doubts, always take the recommendations of an electrician or the manufacturer. Electronic gadgets such as microwaves, water purifiers, cameras and refrigerators should be opened only by trained technicians. In case of mobile phones, clocks with electronic displays, personalized organizers, etc, they could cancel or void the warranty, if tampered with.

While cleaning any type of electronic gadget, always unplug the connection before you start cleaning it to avoid any surprises! Check for any cuts as ignoring these could cause electric shocks or short circuits. Always pay extra attention to parts like the screen or any circuits inside or outside your electronic gadgets. Never pour or spray fluids onto or into electronic devices. Always place the liquid on a soft cloth before applying. Before cleaning, always move your electronic devices from high places to a more accessible area.

Soft cloth (preferably electrostatic) or micro fiber cloth (in case of CD or DVD cleaning), Isopropyl alcohol, screwdriver, compressed air or mini-vacuum cleaner or drier, ammonia free glass cleaner, cotton swabs are some of the materials you need to have on hand, when you get around to cleaning your electronic gadgets and devices. However, in case of computer fans, be extra careful as the compressed air could damage or increase the speed of the fan. Preferably, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fan in a computer, CD/DVD players or recorders, so that the dust does not blow into sensitive mechanisms. Use mild cleanser to clean any stains on your gadgets, but ensure you blow-dry it before you connect it back.

Taking simple precautionary measures when cleaning your electronic devices, not only helps to maintain the device’s life, but also gives you a great feeling of satisfaction in owning clean, working equipment. So the next time your DVD player or your computer fan start acting funny, you know what you have to do!