Server Cabinets

One of the most frequently encountered problems in rack mounting, is that of incompatible rail kits not fitting into Third Party cabinets.

As the mounting depth for OEM rails vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and the server cabinet may be located in a tight or confined space, it is becoming more and more important to make the correct decision and chose the right product that will protect your valuable equipment.

To make sure that all the correct criteria are met, a cabinet that can accommodate a variety of manufacturers equipment or house any of the larger server units, must be 600mm wide and 1000mm deep, which will give enough depth from front to back.

This size will also provide the room to fit the full rail kit and also the added advantage of allowing for a neat, uncluttered cable management assembly.

Equipment installation should also be made easier by having four completely adjustable mounting posts that can be set to the required depth of the equipment.

Other features that should be standard include cable access points top and bottom, lockable and removable side panels, front and rear doors, which allows easy access for servicing and maintenance.

Perforated doors keep hard working equipment within acceptable temperature ranges, but an optional roof mounted fan unit, which should be custom designed to integrate seamlessly with the cabinet, can provide an additional level of control over temperature.

Other considerations for ready assembled cabinets include the delivery and positioning to exact locations.

The best suppliers will always offer a service that includes the delivery, off loading and positioning of the unit, followed by the complete removal of protective wrapping, cardboard, foam and pallet, which does not put any additional load onto your waste disposal.

The RackSolutions cabinet meets all OEM requirements, whilst being almost universally compatible with all manufacturers’ rail kits and servers, which means that you are assured of obtaining a solution that also protects and future proofs critical decisions regarding additional equipment installation.

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