Laser Printer Cartridges

Ink is the most essential component of any printer. Since ink is a limited resource, the cartridges need to be refilled or replaced from time to time. Purchasing a new ink cartridge may be expensive. However, refilling them can be an inexpensive alternative.

An ink cartridge is a removable component of all laser printers. The cartridge functions as both a store for the ink and as a means of applying the ink to the paper. The cartridge is docked into the printer and placed closely above the printing surface of the paper. A laser printer may make use of a single ink cartridge or two cartridges simultaneously. The cartridge contains divisions that serve as a reservoir of the ink, electronic components, and an electric chip that connects the cartridge to the printer.

A laser printer is usually provided with specification about the number of prints it is capable of producing per cartridge. It is advisable to use the same brand of laser print cartridge for the corresponding printer, as they are known to function flawlessly. The companies that sell laser printer cartridges offer high-quality, long-lasting goods that need fewer refills and, hence, prove to be more efficient.

Laser printer ink cartridges use two types of ink, namely the pigment-based black ink and the dye-based ink. This ensures crisp, quick, anti-fading outputs. It is advisable to purchase laser printer ink cartridges from reliable sources, as there are many duplicates available, and it becomes difficult to differentiate between the original and a replica.

Multifunction Printer

First, if you’re planning to use it as a photocopier, it’s going to cost you considerably more than having copies made at your local print shop. Where you might spend 5 to 10 cents a copy at a print shop, doing your own could cost anywhere up to $1.00 a page on a multifunction printer.

They’re great for convenience when you need a quick copy, but you wouldn’t want to do any kind of volume on them.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the various components. For example, the scanner may not be as high resolution as some stand-alone models.

If you’re planning to scan old photographs or negatives and want the highest possible resolution, you probably won’t get quite as good a result from a multifunction printer/scanner as you would from a dedicated scanner.

The same goes for the printing capabilities. You can get standalone printers that will print at higher resolutions or on larger paper than most multifunction units.

The final thing to consider is that if you ever have a problem with your multifunction printer, you’ll lose your scanner, copier, printer and possibly fax while it’s getting repaired. Having separate units means you would only be without one of them if you ever need repairs done.

If your needs are relatively basic, however, a multifunction is a great choice. You can get all the same functions as having 3 or 4 separate machines, for less money and in a lot less space.

Modern Photo Printer

When we download digital pictures from our camera onto our computers, we then have the option to print the pictures from our printer. But suddenly, the average printer wasn’t good enough, as they turned pictures that boasted contrasting light and bold colors on the computer into washed-out grainy reproductions upon printing. The photo printer, rather, is designed to give you a true, superior reproduction of your photo and does so in very little time. Most designs of the photo printer include the use of an ink-jet system that has the ability to represent color meticulously.

There are even newer models of a photo printer that offer the ability to plug your digital camera straight into the printer, thus eliminating the need for download onto your computer. These advancements continue to come as manufacturers assess and meet the needs of today’s busy consumers.

Surprisingly, the photo printer is quite reasonable in price. But, keep in mind that the materials needed to operate a photo printer can be on the pricey side. Specialty photo paper and color toner cartridges can add up over time. However, if you balance the price against the cost – over time – of sending out digital photos for printing, you’ll find that the price of the material pays for itself.

When determining what photo printer is best for you consider the frequency of which you will use it, any space considerations you may have, desired features, and price. Any computer supply store will offer a variety of photo printer models from which to choose.

Recycling Printer Cartridges

Certain companies specialize in the recycling of printer cartridges once they have been disposed. They provide an incentive for the printer cartridges offered for recycling. It is a process that disposes of unwanted goods and helps to reduce the burden on natural resources. Inkjet and laser printer cartridge recycling minimizes the quantity of garbage in landfills. Since some of the components in a printer cartridge are non-degradable, it is best to recycle these products. The proceeds received from giving unwanted printer cartridges can be donated to various institutions for the benefits of charity.

The avenues for recycling printer cartridges are large, and they do good business. Most organizations dispose of used cartridges that add to the garbage build up. An easier solution is to approach the proper recycling companies and deliver the cartridges to them for recycling. The Internet is a good source to find the recyclers. These companies gather a sufficient number of cartridges before processing them. Large firms are capable of renovating the disposed printer cartridges and converting them into a high-quality product of any nature.

Individuals can also purchase recycled printer cartridges. These cartridges are readily available for a very low price. However, it is advisable to check the product thoroughly before buying it. Common complaints about these products include one-color running dry before the others and leakage of ink. Hence, the reputation of the producer should be carefully analyzed before buying a cartridge. Sending a cartridge for recycling or buying a recycled cartridge not only saves cost but also saves the environment.

Decide On A Printer

Usually the big deciding factor on what kind of printer you are going to end up with is the price. Good inkjet printers can be had for one hundred dollars especially if you are not interested in printing in color. If you are intending to print photographs however then you have to start looking for a high quality bubble inkjet printer in the two hundred to three hundred dollar ranges. If you want to find an all in one printer that can do it all or a high quality laser printer then you can expect to pay three hundred dollars or more for the unit.

The absolute cheapest option for what you get are the inkjet printers and you can get one for fewer than fifty bucks by shopping on the Internet. These cheaper printers are slower and only print about ten pages a minute and have a reasonably high resolution of 1200 dpi resolution (dpi means drops per inch.)

The best inkjet printers that have the best value when it comes replacing the cartridges will be the ones that come with two cartridges – one unit for color and another for black and white. If there is only one cartridge you almost always end up using up all of the black ink and throwing out a lot of perfectly usable color ink. Color ink is considerably more expensive than black, so using a combination of colors rather than black ink to print out documents will also add to the cost of the use of your printer. Keep in mind too that the cheaper; the printer is the more ink it will probably eat up as it processes tasks.

If you are willing to spend more than a hundred dollars on a printer your options open up considerably. Printers are available at higher printing speeds and are able to print on different types of appear such as envelopes or business card stationery.

Sometimes if you are a savvy shopper, especially on the Internet you can find black and white laser printers for about a hundred dollars. These are best for people who print in bulk and don’t need to print out in color.

If you are willing to spend between $200 and $400 on a printer then you can get a very high quality inkjet printer that will print excellent quality graphics and photographs at a very fast speed. This price will also buy you a low-end color laser printer. A good quality one will print out between ten and twenty-five pages a minute. Any less pages printed out per minute and the laser printer is not a bargain for the price!