Chassis to Protect Electronic Modules

Different types to fit your needs

Depending on your needs or specifications when it comes to the safety of your electronic modules, you can choose from the following different types of rackmount chassis:

  • 1U: This can fit in a single shelf on the rack. They are able to support single and dual processors since they are 1.75 inches high. They also have the lowest chassis profiles.
  • 2U: This type can cover 2 shelves on your rack. They are capable of supporting quad processor systems and they also have twice the capacity of the 1U. Their depth is almost 24 inches and they are 3.5 inches high.
  • 3U or 4U: If you need 3 to 4 shelves, then the 3U or 4U chassis is for you because they are perfect for cluster applications that require the use of many I/O cards, video cards, and high-speed networks.

Things to consider

Whether it is a 1U, 2U, or a 3U/4U, try to make sure that it is compatibility with your rackmount server. You also need to consider the kind of cluster application that you have before you buy one. Furthermore, choose a chassis that is made of aluminum or steel to ensure resistance to heat and extreme changes in temperature. Remember that a durable chassis can do more for the protection of your electrical modules especially during shipping and handling.