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Learn Electronics

Go to the library. The library is the haven for books. There, you can find different books about different topics which make the library the best place to gather information. You can go to the engineering section, if your library has one. You can either read books or journals that will give you knowledge about the basics of electronics. If you can, find those books with CD so it will be easier for you to study.

Surf the internet. With the modern world, it is very easy to search things on the internet nowadays. You can search various subjects such as how to light a bulb and how to make your own light bulb. This humongous amount of information makes the internet another great place to learn about electronics. Make use of the search box and type the keywords. Once you have entered the keywords, you will have plenty of study materials to work on.

Enroll in online classes. Aside from getting random information about electronics on the internet, you can also sign up for online courses. There are different websites today that offer free online courses. Normally, they have trial periods so make use of the time wisely in order to gauge if the course is good or not. Be wary of scams though or you may lose your money for nothing.

Identify what you want to study. Electronics is very broad. Once you have read several materials about it, then you have to identify which part of electronics you want to focus on. You can choose household electronics if you are interested in household stuff or digital electronics if you are interested in gadgets. It is better to be specific so it will be easier for you to get materials to study.

Apply what you have studied. You should not only study the theories but you have to apply them as well into real life. Applying electronics is far more interesting than just reading the concepts. Being able to create or re-invent something will make you feel really awesome. For instance, if you are interested in household electronics, then find some electrical items that are no longer in use in your house. Make that appliance your practice item. Open it up and examine it. Disassemble it and then try to put it back as well. Of course, there will be times when you will fail but that is part of learning too. Remember that famous scientists did not study the concepts. They practiced and explored things before they were able to develop the concepts.

There you are! You now know where to start in studying electronics. All you need are useful materials and a willing mind to study the basics and applying them.

Handy Electronic Gadgets

So many electronic stores have opened to sell electronic gadgets. The mushrooming of these stores is brought about by a significant increase in demand in the market. After all, in these modern times, almost everyone is indulging to electronic gadgets, one way or another.

The rise of the electronics industry is also an obvious indication that we now live in a world of technology. Wherever we look, be it in the offices or in the comforts of our own homes, technology is prevalent.

The handy electronic gadgets are used for people to communicate, to listen to music, to exercise, to write down notes, and play games. There are also electronic gadgets where movies can be viewed, along with other entertainment shows like concerts or instructional videos. There are also electronic gadgets that take photographs or print pictures.

Indeed, these gadgets were only thought of yesterday. It has radically changed the lives of many people, significantly making work much easier than ever before. these handy gadgets replaced the menial ways of doing things.

There are a thousand of invented electronic gadgets to this day, and more and more are being invented to meet the demands of the market. But here we will look into the more popular ones being used, like projectors, digital cameras, mp3 players, game consoles, electronic notebooks, and cellular phones.

There are so many kinds of projectors that are used today. They may refer to a video projector for home theater system and computer, or movie projectors that project films to a screen inside the movie theater.

A slide projector projects still image in a transparent base. An overhead projector projects transparent images. An opaque projector is considered an overhead projector’s predecessor. The magic lantern is a historic projection device. The camera obscura is the historic ancestor of projection devices. The enlarger is also a kind of projector used to produce photo prints from negatives.

A ceiling projector is used to measure the clouds’ height. There is also a projector album that is used to enlarge and view still pictures.

Another very popular handy electronics gadget is digital cameras. Cameras have been a long time invention, used to take photographs. But digital cameras are now more advanced and have become more portable. It has significantly decreased its price also which makes this gadget more affordable to many.

Digital cameras record images digitally through electronic image sensor, instead of using films. There are also compact digital still cameras that can be able to record not just moving videos but also record sound.

Digital cameras can also display images on the screen right after the image has been recorded. Despite its small memory device, it can store thousands of images and record both video and sound. It can also conveniently delete images that did not satisfy the user, or to free up storage space.

Digital cameras can be hooked up with so many devices from cellular phones, computers, digital handheld devices to vehicles.

Mp3 players are portable audio devices. This is used to listen to songs primarily, but can also be used to listen to other audio files. Some people use the cords of USB to connect this to the computer. Mp3 players are convenient companions when traveling alone, jogging, working out in the gym, or enjoying a stroll in the park.

Cellular phones are one of the most useful electronics gadget ever invented. These are devices used for mobile voice and data communication. It functions like any ordinary phone, but is cordless and therefore can be brought anywhere. They are used for additional services and accessories like SMS for text messaging, packet switching for Internet access, email, Bluetooth, gaming, infrared, MMS for photos, and video and video recorder camera.

A game console is an electronic device that produces video display signal. This can be used with display devices to be able to display a video game.

Electronic notebook is used as an alternative to the ordinary notebook. It is used to record important data electronically. This gadget conveniently replaces the rudiments of a pen and paper. it also works more efficiently.

There are many more electronic gadgets available in the market. The computers that we use are also electronic gadgets used in homes, schools and offices. There is also the newest version of personal computers which is the laptop.

There electronic gadgets that are present are made of the highest technologies. They are made to make the life of every person easy and handy.

Electronics Engineering

Usually an aspiring student can opt for one or the other degree- either a Bachelor of Engineering or Masters in Engineering. Different countries have different durations for these courses and in US, different universities can offer degrees of different durations as well. Engineering are of usually three years or even four with the last two years focusing on specialization of subjects. The Masters course can be of four years depending upon the country and their educational systems. Now what exactly does an Electronic course offer its students? Satellites to internet to microcomputers to the very petty switches of our rooms, all are the boon of electronics. Electronics and its related engineering concepts are the basis of all these developments which students study. Anything that involves electrical power from superconductors to electromagnets, they are subjects which require logical and creative thinking. Computer applications and electronics are related somehow and thus the courses will usually involve one or the other form of programming.

Every course related to electronic engineering has specific interests and their study structure is not similar. But with undergraduate courses, students are expected to focus more on their mathematics and physics understanding in the initial two years and thus strengthening the foundations of understanding. In these early years, a substantial amount of lab work is done in order to closely observe circuits and their varied understandings and interpretations. Some of the fields where students might work on are telecommunications, software development, and robotics and this is when project work is indispensable as students are required to put in their ideas using the project designs.

The Masters of Engineering further narrows down one’s chosen field of interests and presents an in-depth study which will help one in their upcoming workplace. After gaining proper knowledge one can use their interest in maths and sciences for practical use in technology and its related affairs.

With a large number of students opting for electronic course and engineering as a field of study, it is crucial that one scores good marks in order to get accepted in these universities as the level of competition amongst students is pretty high. And with technology improving day by day, students with the right potential have a lot of areas where they can put their knowledge to proper use. Telecommunication companies, software companies are some of the few where engineers are in demand.

Electronics Disposal

Some of the electronics that require special methods to dispose of them include personal computers, batteries, and cell phones. These usually contain materials that are made with toxic chemicals and metals. When any of these toxic substances land up in the landfill and are exposed to moisture, the substances will eventually contaminate the water and soil. Many of the toxic substance have the potential to cause reproductive and endocrine disorders, cancer, and other serious health problems. In many electronic products, the materials in them are not biodegradable so they will not deteriorate over time.

One popular way to dispose of electronics is donating items to different local organizations and charities. Most of them generally welcome these donations of electronic equipment. The electronics donated should be working because many of these charities and organizations will see that they get to people who cannot afford them. If they are not working they may or may not be able to get them back into working order. They may also donate some to senior centers or schools. If you do not know which organizations or charities will take donated electronics can contact The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

Some organizations will take electronics that are not functional. They will repair or refurbish the equipment and then donate the electronics to different charities. Some corporations and companies that sell computers, cell phones, and other electronics will give consumers the opportunity to trade the old electronics, cell phones, and computers for new upgraded versions. When the company or corporations do this then they take on the responsibility for the right electronic disposal.

With buyback companies, which you can find online, off consumers of taking the electronics to a certain location or sending it to them for a little monetary reward. The buyback companies will generally pay shipping costs, provide a list of their buy back prices, and the electronics that they accept. Many cities have electronic recycling centers. If you are going to use one of these make sure that they are certified. If they are not certified they may send the electronics to Asian countries where they could have children dismantle the electronics by hand.. This exposes them to the toxic substances inside. These countries also do not guarantee the electronics will be recycled appropriately.

Find Free Electronic Books

Before we start to look at where to find free electronic books, we need to take a look at a few different considerations; which ebooks are free, and the different electronic book formats.

To be realistic, when you are looking for free electronic books, you are not going to find the latest best sellers, such as, The Girl with the Tattoo Dragon or Harry Potter. To legally download an electronic book it must be identified as being in the public domain or be specifically identified as non-commercial. This means that a majority of the ebooks that you will find are often classics, like “Pride and Prejudice” or up-and-coming authors who are looking for exposure by distributing free ebooks.

There are dozen of electronic book formats, but the most popular include the ePub format and the Amazon formats. The Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, the Sony Readers, and the Kobo Reader can all read the ePub eBook format. However, the Amazon eReaders cannot. The Kindle 3 and the Kindle DX use their own propriety format (.azw) and can also read the mobipocket format. All of these eReaders can also read pdf documents. However, for anyone who has tried to read pdf files on one of the smaller eReaders, it rapidly proves to be a frustrating experience. Keep the reading of pdf documents to the larger eReaders, such as the Kindle DX & iPad.

Let’s get started by looking at the resources that you can use to find free electronic books.

A good site to get started is FeedBooks. They provide a clear and easy to navigate site with ePub, Kindle, and pdf formats, with the possibility to choose categorized in English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. All of the ebooks on this site have a non-commercial license so there is no time wasted coming across payable ebooks. FeedBooks also offers the ability to inspiring authors to publish their own eBooks.

ManyBooks also offers an exclusively non-commercial electronic book site. Similar to FeedBooks it offers a site that is easy to navigate and ad-free. The main strengths of ManyBooks is its advanced search and its eBook recommendation for those of you who don’t want to spend time searching.

Munseys is a website that has over 20 thousand rare and hard to find titles to choose from. You can browse eBooks by category or search the new or popular sections. Book reviews and comments are also posted on the website.

Zinepal allows anyone to create an eBook from their online content. As a reader you can search through the content and download the electronic books in popular formats.

BookYards is another good electronic book resource. Their goal is to be the library to the world. They currently have almost 20 thousand books in their collection. Their content includes ebooks, educational material, reference material, and other useful documents. A majority of the electronic books are available for download in PDF format.

The Google Book Search is a useful tool for finding books based on your keywords. The Google database contains a massive library of scanned books, including books in the public domain. To find these free ebooks, simply go the Google Books site and click on the Advanced Book Search link. Enter your keyword to search on, and within the Search criteria choose Full View only. There is no guarantee that this will return only public domain books, but it does significantly improve your chances. After you have run your search and are looking at the details of the ebook, you will see on the top right the possibility to download the book. Google Books publish their books in ePub & pdf formats, so if you are a Kindle user then you won’t find any thing for you here.

On the brighter side for Kindle users, a good tip is to use the Amazon site and simply sort the Kindle Books by price ascending. Here you will find dozens of free books to choose from. Sometimes authors release their first book in a series for free in order to sell later installments. You will have to check regularly as Amazon regularly changes their free listings.

Finally, the best known free resource for electronic books is the Project Gutenburg. This project offers one of the largest collections of eBooks in the world with over 30,000 eBooks available for download. The books available through Project Gutenberg are free because their copyright has expired in the U.S. You can search the site by author, title, language, or recently posted. There is also a Top 100 list, which is especially useful if you don’t have a specific title in mind.

So there you have it. While there may not be such a thing as a free lunch, there is such a thing as free electronic books. It may not be the latest best seller, but if you are willing to hunt around the libraries mentioned above you will not doubt stumble across something for you. In any case, if you use one of these sites then your next free electronic book will bring you just that little bit more pleasure, as you will know in the back of your mind that it didn’t cost you a cent.

How Can Sell Electronics

Not everyone thinks that selling their used electronics is for them. Most people don’t bother to sell electronics for one of three reasons; their electronics are broken, and they don’t think anyone will want them. They think trying to sell electronics would be too much work. They don’t think they’ll get enough money to make selling their devices worthwhile.

The thing about broken electronics is that, no matter how broken they are, they probably still have some functioning parts. It’s true that the average person on the street probably wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy a broken laptop or worn-out cell phone, but a used electronics dealer would. This is because a dealer can repair your electronics, or use them for parts to repair other devices. So, if you choose to sell electronics to a used electronics dealer, you’ll still be able to get a decent price, even if they don’t work. If you tried to sell used electronics yourself, you’d have to go to the trouble of fixing them, first. If you couldn’t fix them yourself, you’d have to pay a repairman before you could get a buyer to even look at them. Why spend money on replacement parts and repairs when you can sell your electronics as-is to a used electronics dealer?

If you think that trying to sell electronics would be too much effort, don’t worry. It’s extremely easy to find a dealer that wants what you have to sell, no matter whether it’s a cell phone, a BlackBerry, or a laptop. Even if you don’t have an electronics dealer near you, you can always go online to get an offer on your devices. Used electronics websites can give you a price quote for your items, and a free mailer that you can use to send them in. As long as your electronics match the description you gave to obtain your price quote, you’ll get paid what you were quoted. You don’t actually have to worry about finding a buyer or paying for shipping yourself- just get your quote, mail in your devices, and collect your money. There’s no easier way for you to sell electronics.

If you’re concerned about how much money there is to be made by selling your electronics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that selling them through a used electronics dealer can still get you a good price. A lot of people are hesitant to try, because they think that selling anything through a middleman automatically limits how much money they can make. In most cases, this would be true. When it comes to electronics, people tend to forget one thing- they aren’t going to make anywhere near what they paid for their devices, no matter how they try to sell them. If you go through a newspaper ad or auction site, you’ll be lucky to find someone who’s even interested in your stuff. If you try to sell your devices through a yard sale, swap meet, or thrift store, you’ll almost never find someone who’s willing to pay what you’re asking. Selling your goods to a used electronics dealer means getting a fair price for your devices- no matter what kind of condition they’re in- and getting your money up front.

Advantages Electronic Medical Record


As mentioned in the introduction, the business world of the 21st century is fast-paced. Even in medical practices, speed equals ability to compete, especially when managing information. That is why an electronic medical record system, or EMR, is used by most medical practices. In addition, a fast electronic medical record system requires less time invested in trouble shooting and allows more time invested in caring for patients.


An electronic medical record is an electronic database of information capable of carrying much more information than traditional systems. An electronic medical record system can manage records from multiple offices as well as multiple types of records.


An electronic medical record system secures records with backup files in case of emergencies. In addition, only authorized users may access them. This double security system is a “preventative medicine” for record viruses.


Both practices and patients can access customer support from a medical billing specialist provided through the electronic medical record software. In addition to their support, electronic medical record software provides access to medical codes, including, ICD.9, HIPAA, HCFA 1500, and the latest CPT code books.


The latest electronic medical record technology allows information to be downloaded directly onto a PDA or Palm device. In addition to PDA access, authorized individuals can access an electronic medical record online from any location.


This is perhaps the most appealing part of the latest electronic medical record technology. Every business wants to save money while at the same time adopting time-saving technology. Because electronic medical record software uses online technology, much of the set up costs and overhead are eliminated and reduced to monthly usage fees.


Part of the money-saving nature of electronic medical record technology is the elimination of IT infrastructure and the streamlining of multiple databases. The infrastructure is simplified into one online database, even for multiple offices.


I have already mentioned multiple office management with electronic medical record software, but there is much more to this software than meets the eye. Electronic medical record software stores medical transcription SOAP notes and medical codes. It allows multiple users. It also connects users to personal and online support sources.


We have almost made it full circle in our discussion of the benefits of having an electronic medical record. But efficiency is not the same as speed. Efficiency takes all of the duties involved in medical record and medical office management divided by time and money. Electronic medical record software can increase the numerators and decrease the denominators. Businesses often ask about the bottom line. Well, the math says it all.


The benefits of an electronic medical record may sound wonderful, but there is one more question to ask: Is it user friendly? When adopting new technology, remember that the master needs to ride in the saddle, not the horse. Some technology requires so much attention that a business owner may be worried that he or she is now employed by the new technology and not the other way around. Electronic medical record software works for businesses.

Electronic Work Benches


The first thing you should think about is the material and built of your bench. Wood is a great material for an electronic work bench. It is sturdy enough to hold many compartments and shelves where you can store your tools. Proper storage of your tools is important if you want to make your job easier. You don’t want to delay your electronic repair work by searching your work area for a missing tool. So it is really important that your work bench is sturdy enough to accommodate spacious compartments.

Another great thing with wood is that it is not a good conductor of electricity. When you are working with electronic tools, chances are there might be instances when electrostatic discharges may leak from your tools. An electrostatic discharge can potentially cause electric shock, which is a very undesirable experience.

Yet wood is somewhat expensive. So you might just opt for an antistatic electronic bench made of fiberboard or gray laminate tops equipped with an earth lead for wiring into the earth circuit. These antistatic electronic work benches are not entirely made of fiberboard or gray laminate. To ensure that it will have a sturdy base, an antistatic bench may have legs, railings, or shelves made of aluminum or steel.


The bigger, the better. Most folks say that. Sometimes, it is true. But when it comes to getting an electronic work bench, size depends on your workspace. If you have a large work area, then you can get a large electronic work bench. But if your workspace is already cramped, you should consider getting a medium-sized bench. Normally, a bench with a width of 39 inches and height of 30 inches would suffice.


Of course, an electronic work bench with only its bare parts-legs, railings, and top-is incomplete. You also need to add drawers and shelves where you can neatly place your tools. You can put your most essential tools-such as anti-static equipment and testers-within easy reach if you have a nice top shelf installed on your bench. Things that you have finished working on should be organized in stackable drawers underneath the work surface. Since your work will require you to plug in several devices at once, you can avoid using annoying extension cords by having an outlet panel installed on your electronic bench. Other useful accessories are cupboards, top fluorescent light frames, rear service ducts, bench mats, and etc.


When searching for an electronic work bench, cost will be one of your top priorities. There are many online stores that offer brand new high-quality electronic work benches at bargain rates. If you are looking to save more money, then you can also buy a used work bench online.

Electronic Medical Billing

Since 1997, all practices which involve patient interaction should pass HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Under HIPAA, most of the billing claims for the service are required to file via electronic means. HIPAA was enforced in order to prevent fraud and abuse in healthcare delivery and health insurance. While manual filing is time consuming, electronic billing is fast and accurate. With the usage of electronic billing, the rejection and denial has reduced drastically and the percentage of reimbursement has improved.

Electronic medical billing is nothing but the combination of IT and health care sector. Medical practices have been using software to manage their finances for several years. However, the present electronic medical billing programs are well known as medical management practice software. Electronic medical billing software covers a wide range of functions including tracking patient demographics, scheduling appointment, tracking billing information and insurance payments, patient’s visits, diagnosis and generating records.

Electronic billing is easy to use, thus helps the staff to improve their productivity. They have also made entire billing much faster .With the electronic billing, any error in the claims are notified to the billing center in minutes, so corrections can be made immediately. Healthcare providers are also satisfied with this system, because electronic billing makes the reimbursement very quick. This software is very friendly to the patients and customers as they give flexibility in scheduling appointment and easy access to the personal information. The cost of electronic claiming is less when compared to the claim submitted on paper. So, insurance carriers encourage electronic medical billing. Electronic billing also helps to eliminate the hassle of posting, printing and sorting the mail.

Electronic Personal Organizer

Early versions of these electronic personal organizers had features like an address book, pocket calculator and a calendar. The electronic organizer, being pocket-sized, was more portable compared to the traditional organizer, which made the former more convenient.

Now, electronic organizers are available in all sorts of sizes and have many functions and capabilities. Cheaper electronic organizers are smaller in size, or have less functions. High-end electronic personal organizers are built like mini-computers, with a memory storage large enough to accommodate huge files and loads of data. The HP iPAQ 111 (Hewlett Packard) and Palm Tungsten Handheld are just two examples of the many models and brands of electronic organizers. The two are both equipped with Bluetooth technology, WiFi capacity, as well as the capability to create Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, photo sharing and music streaming. PDA is the term used to call high-end electronic organizers.

The ability to synchronize information with a personal computer is considered as one of the most important capabilities of an electronic personal organizer. This ability allows the electronic personal organizer to connect easily with any computer, and thereby can update all schedules, files, and other data stored in the organizer quickly. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other programs can be synchronized from the organizer to the computer and vice-versa.

For a business person, an electronic organizer is somewhat like a personal assistant. The electronic organizer makes it easy to keep track of appointments, meetings and to-do lists. It is an important tool for busy individuals to manage time effectively. An electronic personal organizer shines when it comes to systemizing, planning, setting one’s goals as well as tracking down one’s progress towards the completion of their goals. Aside from business, it is also an important tool for goal setting and organizing in terms of personal development.

Almost all electronic organizers can perform mathematical equations because the calculator feature is available in both low-priced and high-end models and brands. The Sharp Wizard OZ -590A is an example of the more low-priced electronic organizer. It includes many basic functions minus a color display and other additional features usually found in high-end and more expensive organizers. The Sharp Wizard comes with an address book, calculator, a to-do list, a Spanish-English translator and an alarm function. It has a memory capacity of 8MB and can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.

Gadgets like electronic personal organizers are of great help. They are a very convenient way of storing information. The functions of personal digital organizers and cellular phones are merged into one device: the smart phone. When choosing a new electronic personal organizer, make sure that you shop for functions that you want while meeting your budget. When you have one of your own, you’ll wonder how hard life without it can be.