Blue Laser Pointers

Finally, in 1993 Shuji Nakamura released the blue LED to an empty market, and then went on to develop and release his creations shortly there after. Now modern science has produced many different varieties of 473nm pointers, for personal and professional applications.

The blue beam is more difficult to produce that that of green or red, so this is why the price tag attached to high quality lasers can be a bit more steep than your standard pen unit. But when quality and brilliance are coordinated correctly into a hand held product, you and everyone witnessing its elusive beam will be genuinely impressed.

But do not despair! Persistent advances in technology and constant market competition is slowly but surely improving the quality of products while at the same time decreasing the price. There is a constant battle for high power blue superiority and improvements are fast and persistent. In just … Read the rest

Reformatting USB Flash

Remember that USB flash memory in a system is handled like another disk drive. Therefore you must contact the manufacturer determine if the flash memory can be ‘reformatted’ to meet the new requirements. The flash memory I have can be done like this so it allows a different format.

The 4GB SanDisk Compact Flash card features an advanced design from SanDisk that allows it to operate in cameras that use either the FAT16 or FAT32 file formats. It is the only Compact Flash card of its capacity and compatibility level that is available in the popular Type I format and fits into any Compact Flash slot.

The new 4GB SanDisk Compact Flash card features a three-position switch located in the left-hand area of the card so consumers can switch between either a single 4GB (FAT32) volume or two separate 2GB (FAT16) volumes. The switchable 4GB card ensures that users of … Read the rest

CompactFlash Card

Equipped with flash technology, CompactFlash cards are non-volatile storage device. A non-volatile storage device is that allows you to store data continuously without requiring a constant power source. In comparison to common magnetic disk drives, CompactFlash cards give you much more data protection. These cards are small, light-weight and low-power product capable of providing you a better data storage device.

Memory storage in these cards normally range from 128MB to 64 GB. Cards of memory between 256 MB and 2GB are more used than the others. SanDisk and Kingston are some of the most popular flash memory cards easily available and sold most in UK and other countries around the world. Some flash cards of Kingston which have become widely popular and most sold are Kingston Elite Pro Hi-speed CompactFlash card, which are available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. These digital cards are compatible with operating system like Window 98 … Read the rest

Creating an Invisibility Shield Borrows

After a dramatic Star Wars-style text crawl announcing that “the Age of Invisibility has begun,” Cramer’s video opens on what appears to be a transparent sheet of plastic in front of an empty wall. But then there’s a subtle shift in the shadows and, a moment later, Cramer emerges from behind the screen. Walking back and forth, he’s almost completely invisible whenever he’s on the other side of that plastic.

In a phone interview, Cramer said the people are either impressed—or assume he’s faking it. He takes the skepticism as a compliment. “If it’s good enough that you think I’m faking it, then I’ve done my job,” he says.

To be clear, there isn’t really anything “quantum” about Cramer’s Quantum Stealth cloak. The term usually pertains to atomic structures, on the level of a single photon or quantum dot. The real power behind this new cloak isn’t quantum—it’s classical physics.

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Clean a Printer

Two type of printers

Whether the printer is an Epson printer, HP printer, or a Canon printer the general procedure for cleaning is the same. If the printer happens to be a bigger printer, for items such as advertising on larger format materials, the process is a bit more exaggerated but essentially the same.

Every day printers

Cleaning an every day office type printer usually just entails a good solid wipe down. The real trick is to not damage the printer by using cleaning items that are meant for other cleaning activities. Cleaning chemicals to avoid include alcohol or more harsh cleaning agents. These chemicals can damage electrical areas and do more harm than good. Try and stay with light cleaning supplies like baby wipes or a damp non shedding towel. In either case, do not let water get into contact with the inside of the printer whether it is … Read the rest

Hurricane Blues

It’s called a UPS — not to be confused with the shipping company of the same name — which stands for “Uninterruptible Power Supply”, and it’s an important thing to have to protect your computer even if you’re not being threatened by a hurricane.

Let me explain what a UPS is, and what it does.

First off, let me back up a step and make sure you know what a surge suppressor is, since the two things are related.

A surge suppressor is a power strip with a bunch of power sockets in it that is designed to “take the bullet” for your computer if there is a “power surge”.

In other words, the electricity that comes into your house is supposed to be at a certain level. Sometimes, like if there is a lightning strike, or the power goes out (like a blackout) and comes back on again, there

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Basics Of Calibration

Calibration is the process of checking machines and making sure that values used in measurements remain at standard points. It is the process of verifying a machine’s work and performance within a set of specifications.

When done the right way, calibration can make your life easier and better. It allows for faster processes and of course with lesser errors and mistakes. During calibration, it is also important to make sure that the measurements taken during the period is also valid. Remember that whatever values that you have gotten during the calibration process are the values that are accepted to be the most accurate and precise.

Problems however arise when the calibration service is not done correctly. This is frequently what happens when a low cost service is purchased. It is important that you get a good service especially if your company is operating under a standardized quality system like that … Read the rest

Reusing Old Electronics

If you haven’t thrown out or recycled your old analog TV yet Please don’t send it to the landfills. The CRT in television contains several ponds of lead and we don’t want that leaching into the soil and ground water. You can re-purpose your TV by making it your DVD station, or put in your garage where you can watch it as you do some work there. If you just want to get rid of it then donate it to a school or charitable organization that can use it.

Don’t throw that old cell phone, iPod, etc… that are seating in your desk drawer in the trash. They shouldn’t end up in landfills either because they also contain toxic material. An interesting idea I read on the internet is using your old cell phone as a 911 phone for your car. Make sure you charge it and turn it off … Read the rest

Google Claims Quantum Supremacy

According to the study published in the journal Nature, Google’s quantum computer, named Sycamore, was able to solve a theoretical problem that no classical computer would be able to solve in a reasonable amount of time. This achievement is called quantum supremacy.

Google has possibly created the first quantum computer that can perform fast theoretical problem solving, but competitor IBM is disputing the claim.

Sycamore solved in just about 3 minutes and 30 seconds a random circuit sampling problem that would take the world’s fastest traditional computer 10,000 years to figure out.

“To our knowledge, this experiment marks the first computation that can be performed only on a quantum processor,” the study said

However, the other main figure in the race to quantum supremacy, IBM, disputed the achievement on Monday in a blog post that argued a classical computer could actually solve the same problem in just two and a

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Electronic Stock Trading

Electronic stock trading was introduced in the mid 1990s. At the time they were called ECNs or electronic communications networks. The two major networks were Instinet and Archipelago. Electronic stock trading as we know today was introduced by Gordon Macklin who oversaw the development of the national Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System or the NASDAQ which purchased Instinet and became the first and remains the largest electronic stock market in the world.

Electronic trading is performed using large computer networks. These networks match buyers and sellers of stock. At first large institutional traders like Pension Funds and Mutual Funds used electronic trading. Today online brokers facilitate trading for individual traders through online platforms. Individual buyers require brokers to bring buyers of stock and sellers of stock together even when they trade stock online.

The first step in electronic stock trading is for the trader to open a brokerage … Read the rest