Flat Screen Computer Monitors

New things often push aside older products. Flat-screen computer monitors have become the most sought-after display units due to their attractive flat panel feature. Their unique structure, combined with their performance, has made them popular across the globe.

CRT display panels or monitors are big, space-consuming things. Their old-fashioned cabinets are around twenty inches deep, and they occupy more space than their flat-screen competitors. The liquid crystals and transistors do all the work in a flat-screen monitor, which minimizes the need for a big case. Hence, when space is at a premium, the CRT monitor is bound to lose out to the flat-screen monitor.

Flat monitors can also serve as a replacement for your regular television. Although you can watch TV using your old CRT, you will have to install a TV tuner video card, and even then the quality of the picture is not that great. Besides, it can be bothersome to update your computer when you have a more convenient and attractive option available. Flat monitors are brighter and users find it easier to see the text on them.

Flat monitors consume less electricity and will definitely contribute towards savings in electricity bills. However, flat-screen monitors are still more expensive that CRT monitors. While prices have lowered considerably, they still have a long way to go before they can fully compete with the reasonably priced CRT monitors.

External Sound Cards

External sound cards pretty much work in the same principle as your internal audio card or the one that’s on the motherboard. They are capable of producing audio from the data transmitted by the processor. The only difference is they are mobile. An external audio card just needs to be connected via a USB cable for it to work.

An external audio card would come in handy when you want to have better audio quality for your laptop but space and temperature conditions doesn’t allow high-end internal sound cards. The good thing about getting a separate audio card is that this one is mobile. You can transfer it to another computer. Just make sure that you get one that has a plug and play functionality.

Just like with your internal sound card, you need to assess what you use the computer for before getting an external sound card. Usually, this audio card is used by movie buffs or music enthusiasts so if you’re the type who only does simple word processing on the computer, you may want to rethink getting your own external audio card.

External sound cards typically get connected via a USB port in the computer so it goes without saying that you need to make sure that your computer has enough slots to accommodate your sound card as well as the other peripherals that you have. Another thing to keep in mind is that you also need to make sure that your computer is properly updated. Just like the internal sound card, you may need to upgrade on your system so the external audio card can produce good audio quality.

Building Computers

You can save the thirty percent or more that custom shops charge for labor by building your own gaming rig. It can easily mean $300 that stays in your pocket to be used later for games, a better monitor, or whatever you want.

Is it hard to build a gamer?

The answer is “no”. Often, I’ve told people “There are only eleven major parts in a computer. Most of them snap together, or plug in. If you can connect just eleven items, then you can build a computer.”

Of course, a gamer does have differences from a general purpose computer. That’s what makes it a gamer. But does that make it harder to build?

Let’s say you want to build a Crossfire system with two graphics cards. It isn’t any harder to plug two graphics cards into their slots than to install one. Nor is it more difficult to install a dual core CPU. The chip drops into a zero insertion force slot. Push the lever down and it’s clamped into place. That’s it. A dual core system goes together just like a single core.

How about a big, fast hard drive? Again, there’s nothing different about how it goes in. Four screws hold it to the chassis. There’s a ribbon cable that connects it to the motherboard, and a line running to the power supply. Four screws, two plugs, and the installation is done.

Does all the cabling worry you? Almost all of the cables and wires you’ll hook up have plugs that are “keyed”, meaning they can only be inserted one way. To put it bluntly, they’re idiot proof. You can’t turn a power plug upside down so that electricity goes to the wrong post. It won’t fit that way.

Electronics Disposal

Some of the electronics that require special methods to dispose of them include personal computers, batteries, and cell phones. These usually contain materials that are made with toxic chemicals and metals. When any of these toxic substances land up in the landfill and are exposed to moisture, the substances will eventually contaminate the water and soil. Many of the toxic substance have the potential to cause reproductive and endocrine disorders, cancer, and other serious health problems. In many electronic products, the materials in them are not biodegradable so they will not deteriorate over time.

One popular way to dispose of electronics is donating items to different local organizations and charities. Most of them generally welcome these donations of electronic equipment. The electronics donated should be working because many of these charities and organizations will see that they get to people who cannot afford them. If they are not working they may or may not be able to get them back into working order. They may also donate some to senior centers or schools. If you do not know which organizations or charities will take donated electronics can contact The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

Some organizations will take electronics that are not functional. They will repair or refurbish the equipment and then donate the electronics to different charities. Some corporations and companies that sell computers, cell phones, and other electronics will give consumers the opportunity to trade the old electronics, cell phones, and computers for new upgraded versions. When the company or corporations do this then they take on the responsibility for the right electronic disposal.

With buyback companies, which you can find online, off consumers of taking the electronics to a certain location or sending it to them for a little monetary reward. The buyback companies will generally pay shipping costs, provide a list of their buy back prices, and the electronics that they accept. Many cities have electronic recycling centers. If you are going to use one of these make sure that they are certified. If they are not certified they may send the electronics to Asian countries where they could have children dismantle the electronics by hand.. This exposes them to the toxic substances inside. These countries also do not guarantee the electronics will be recycled appropriately.

VPS Hosting Services can Assure Your Online Business to Beat the Competition

VPS Hosting Services is an excellent solution for clients who require complete control on their server like a dedicated server, but they do not afford the high costs of the dedicated server. VPS can synchronize flexibility and affordability beyond perfection offering the client facilities of dedicated servers at the cost of a shared server.

  1. In the case of VPS hosting services, the dedicated server doesn’t cater to a single client. Rather, it is partitioned into multiple virtual servers that behave exactly like individual dedicated servers for various clients.
  2. A Virtual Private Server assures to offer uninterrupted services while running any application on it, even though the application is left unused or using less resource. VPS hosting has an inbuilt WHM control panel that grants you permission to access the server directly through the GUI.
  3. VPS Hosting is the most protected SEO hosting service that delivers the best quality performance equal to a dedicated server saving plenty of dollars at once.
  4. To have the great shared hosting services that offer total control and superior performance, a client has to join with committed VPS hosting services that can deliver him the best results.
  5. VPS hosting is well suited for people who want to become resellers. The client can purchase a secure server under VPS hosting services and lease out each Virtual server to different customers. This way he can gain some extra dollars by pricing each VPS more than the actual cost.
  6. A Virtual Private Server offers complete root access to the clients with very few restrictions. It is very flexible to upgrade hardware or any other requirements to suit the clients growing business demands and more than expected traffic.
  7. VPS hosting is the updated version of shared hosting, but they beat up shared servers with uniquely attractive features like managing high loads at peak hours smoothly, protecting malicious sites from attacking the client’s sites and so on.
  8. Multiple domains, sub-domains, unlimited email accounts, MySQL database, and a WHM control panel to manage all these accounts are provided by the VPS service provider in a hosting plan for perfect management of resources and time.
  9. These VPS are sure of high quality and are controlled by the individual owners of the same hardly getting affected by the main physical server’s control.
  10. In the case of VPS hosting services, it is perfectly fine to reboot, install new software applications and maintain privacy, without letting other clients sharing the same physical server get affected by your various applications, websites, and operating systems. As all of them completely own their isolated Virtual Private Servers that work independently surpassing the normally shared hosting troubles.

The VPS hosting system is crafted in such a way that a VPS caters to a single client’s system and runs various applications on a particular machine it is designed for.

Dual Computer Monitors

All of Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating system versions released these days support the use of dual monitors. Using dual monitors, the user is able to ‘extend’ the display on one desktop onto the second display device. This means that when the different display devices are positioned next to each other, it provides the user with the illusion of being logically contiguous.

Depending on one’s luck, setting up dual monitors can be as simple as adding an extra video card and monitor and restarting the computer or turn out to be a task that makes the user want to pull out great tufts of hair in sheer frustration.

The first thing that will have to be done is the installation of a second video card, the one that is meant to support the extra monitor. This requires the computer’s motherboard to have an extra expansion slot, the availability of which can be determined by opening up the tower and checking. If available, the extra video card will have to be manually inserted into the slot. The monitor will then have to be plugged into this video card, and the computer should be restarted.

Depending on the card, drivers may or may not have to be manually installed by the user, since Windows has built-in drivers that support certain video cards. Once the drivers have been installed, there are settings that have to be adjusted to enable display on the second monitor. This is done in the Display Properties window, under the Settings tab.

There are a variety of dual monitor cards available on the market, with prices usually starting at around $100. Dual monitor users swear by the fact that once a person uses a dual monitor system; they will never revert back to a single monitor, no matter what the case.

Find Free Electronic Books

Before we start to look at where to find free electronic books, we need to take a look at a few different considerations; which ebooks are free, and the different electronic book formats.

To be realistic, when you are looking for free electronic books, you are not going to find the latest best sellers, such as, The Girl with the Tattoo Dragon or Harry Potter. To legally download an electronic book it must be identified as being in the public domain or be specifically identified as non-commercial. This means that a majority of the ebooks that you will find are often classics, like “Pride and Prejudice” or up-and-coming authors who are looking for exposure by distributing free ebooks.

There are dozen of electronic book formats, but the most popular include the ePub format and the Amazon formats. The Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, the Sony Readers, and the Kobo Reader can all read the ePub eBook format. However, the Amazon eReaders cannot. The Kindle 3 and the Kindle DX use their own propriety format (.azw) and can also read the mobipocket format. All of these eReaders can also read pdf documents. However, for anyone who has tried to read pdf files on one of the smaller eReaders, it rapidly proves to be a frustrating experience. Keep the reading of pdf documents to the larger eReaders, such as the Kindle DX & iPad.

Let’s get started by looking at the resources that you can use to find free electronic books.

A good site to get started is FeedBooks. They provide a clear and easy to navigate site with ePub, Kindle, and pdf formats, with the possibility to choose categorized in English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. All of the ebooks on this site have a non-commercial license so there is no time wasted coming across payable ebooks. FeedBooks also offers the ability to inspiring authors to publish their own eBooks.

ManyBooks also offers an exclusively non-commercial electronic book site. Similar to FeedBooks it offers a site that is easy to navigate and ad-free. The main strengths of ManyBooks is its advanced search and its eBook recommendation for those of you who don’t want to spend time searching.

Munseys is a website that has over 20 thousand rare and hard to find titles to choose from. You can browse eBooks by category or search the new or popular sections. Book reviews and comments are also posted on the website.

Zinepal allows anyone to create an eBook from their online content. As a reader you can search through the content and download the electronic books in popular formats.

BookYards is another good electronic book resource. Their goal is to be the library to the world. They currently have almost 20 thousand books in their collection. Their content includes ebooks, educational material, reference material, and other useful documents. A majority of the electronic books are available for download in PDF format.

The Google Book Search is a useful tool for finding books based on your keywords. The Google database contains a massive library of scanned books, including books in the public domain. To find these free ebooks, simply go the Google Books site and click on the Advanced Book Search link. Enter your keyword to search on, and within the Search criteria choose Full View only. There is no guarantee that this will return only public domain books, but it does significantly improve your chances. After you have run your search and are looking at the details of the ebook, you will see on the top right the possibility to download the book. Google Books publish their books in ePub & pdf formats, so if you are a Kindle user then you won’t find any thing for you here.

On the brighter side for Kindle users, a good tip is to use the Amazon site and simply sort the Kindle Books by price ascending. Here you will find dozens of free books to choose from. Sometimes authors release their first book in a series for free in order to sell later installments. You will have to check regularly as Amazon regularly changes their free listings.

Finally, the best known free resource for electronic books is the Project Gutenburg. This project offers one of the largest collections of eBooks in the world with over 30,000 eBooks available for download. The books available through Project Gutenberg are free because their copyright has expired in the U.S. You can search the site by author, title, language, or recently posted. There is also a Top 100 list, which is especially useful if you don’t have a specific title in mind.

So there you have it. While there may not be such a thing as a free lunch, there is such a thing as free electronic books. It may not be the latest best seller, but if you are willing to hunt around the libraries mentioned above you will not doubt stumble across something for you. In any case, if you use one of these sites then your next free electronic book will bring you just that little bit more pleasure, as you will know in the back of your mind that it didn’t cost you a cent.


OLED (Organic.Light.Emitting.Diode) is a new display technology that promises to deliver thin, power efficient and bright displays. OLEDs (already popular in MP3 players and cell phones) have amazing potential – thin TVs, flexible displays, transparent monitors, white-bulb replacement, and more.

LCD works by having a backlight (white light) source, and then filtering this source to make colors. OLEDs however work by emitting color light. This has several advantages. It allows to make simpler and thus thinner and cheaper displays. It also means that OLEDs require less power. Think that when you have a screen that is completely black (but turned on), LCD will still require the whole white backlight to be emitted. With OLEDs, no energy is consumed in this stage! It is also possible to make flexible OLED displays, and even transparent ones, but this is obviously more challenging than a simple LCD-like display.

While OLEDs are heralded as the display technology of the future, they are already produced and used today. While making large panels is still a great challenge, smaller screens (up to 2″) are already produced in commercial quantities today. There are many MP3 players and cellular phones that use OLED displays. Companies such as Sony and Samsung use OLED displays in their leading models. The OLED market reached 500$ million in sales in 2005, and is expected to grow quickly in the coming years.

There are two main types of OLED screens – Passive Matrix (PMOLED) and Active Matrix (AMOLED). PMOLED displays are cheaper and easier to manufacture, but they have a limitation in resolution, size and refresh rate. Most OLEDs that are being made today are PMOLED. However several companies (including Samsung SDI and LG.Philips) have announced plans to begin producing AMOLED panels.

The future for large OLED panels is not so certain. The major limitation of OLED technology today is the lifetime, especially for the blue color. Progress is being made all the time, but the technology is not ready yet. Scaling the OLED screens is not an easy thing to do, either. Making a large panel (for TV or computer screen) is far from simple. While prototypes have been showed, it will take several years before we’ll be able to buy an OLED television.

OLEDs actually make it possible to create screens that are flexible and/or transparent. The possibilities of this kind of displays are almost endless. Think about car windshield-embedded transparent displays, or rollable mobile TV. This technology is still at an early stage, but already companies are showing prototype and design sketches.

One of the areas that seem most promising for OLEDs is white lighting. Many companies are hoping that OLEDs will enable very efficient light sources. With today’s high energy costs, and the drive for efficiency, there is a lot of money in white-light research, and OLEDs are seen as one of the best future technologies. OLEDs will also enable unimaginable designs, because of their thin and flexible nature.

Computer Printer Ink

The cost of computer printer ink cartridges for cheap printers can be expensive over the long term. For instance, if the black cartridge is not separate from the other colors, you may need to buy an entire unit once your black has been used up. In the printer ink industry, this phenomenon is called consumables. Another thing that you will want to look at is the quality of the resolution. When you look at the resolution quality of ink, it is important to place an emphasis on the text instead of the graphics. The graphics will almost always appear higher in quality than the text. When you are looking at a printer model, you can compare it to other models by having them print out sample images.

Purchasing a high quality paper that is coated will enhance the look of your computer ink. These coated pieces of paper will not absorb the printer ink in the same manner that the ink is absorbed by standard printer paper. While coated paper is more expensive, the cost should be considered when you are about to purchase ink for your printer. If you need to print high quality images to be used for advertisements, you will need to obtain what is called a wide-format printer. These printers are used to produce text and graphics for large posters, billboards, or banners. In addition to printing images on paper, these printers can be used to print images on materials such as vinyl. They have a professional level of quality, and they are often used by large companies.

The way in which ink is printed on materials will fall under two categories, and these are “drop on demand” and “continuous ink.” As the name suggests, printers which use the continuous ink method will spray a bunch of droplets onto the material. While this method is still common, drop on demand will force the ink out of the chamber by using electricity or heat. A thermal technique will be used to warm up a resistor than will push the droplets out of the nozzle. An air bubble will be generated within the chamber. Some companies have also begin using crystals to expand the ink. This is one of the most cutting edge advance in printer ink technology.

How Can Sell Electronics

Not everyone thinks that selling their used electronics is for them. Most people don’t bother to sell electronics for one of three reasons; their electronics are broken, and they don’t think anyone will want them. They think trying to sell electronics would be too much work. They don’t think they’ll get enough money to make selling their devices worthwhile.

The thing about broken electronics is that, no matter how broken they are, they probably still have some functioning parts. It’s true that the average person on the street probably wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy a broken laptop or worn-out cell phone, but a used electronics dealer would. This is because a dealer can repair your electronics, or use them for parts to repair other devices. So, if you choose to sell electronics to a used electronics dealer, you’ll still be able to get a decent price, even if they don’t work. If you tried to sell used electronics yourself, you’d have to go to the trouble of fixing them, first. If you couldn’t fix them yourself, you’d have to pay a repairman before you could get a buyer to even look at them. Why spend money on replacement parts and repairs when you can sell your electronics as-is to a used electronics dealer?

If you think that trying to sell electronics would be too much effort, don’t worry. It’s extremely easy to find a dealer that wants what you have to sell, no matter whether it’s a cell phone, a BlackBerry, or a laptop. Even if you don’t have an electronics dealer near you, you can always go online to get an offer on your devices. Used electronics websites can give you a price quote for your items, and a free mailer that you can use to send them in. As long as your electronics match the description you gave to obtain your price quote, you’ll get paid what you were quoted. You don’t actually have to worry about finding a buyer or paying for shipping yourself- just get your quote, mail in your devices, and collect your money. There’s no easier way for you to sell electronics.

If you’re concerned about how much money there is to be made by selling your electronics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that selling them through a used electronics dealer can still get you a good price. A lot of people are hesitant to try, because they think that selling anything through a middleman automatically limits how much money they can make. In most cases, this would be true. When it comes to electronics, people tend to forget one thing- they aren’t going to make anywhere near what they paid for their devices, no matter how they try to sell them. If you go through a newspaper ad or auction site, you’ll be lucky to find someone who’s even interested in your stuff. If you try to sell your devices through a yard sale, swap meet, or thrift store, you’ll almost never find someone who’s willing to pay what you’re asking. Selling your goods to a used electronics dealer means getting a fair price for your devices- no matter what kind of condition they’re in- and getting your money up front.