Flat Panel Displays

This is a great option for anybody using 30″ – 50″ flat panel displays. But beware; some displays may not be able to be tilted as much as you would like. Check your owner’s manual to make sure your specific monitor will work in that application. In a portable church situation or on a stage where the set up often changes, the use of a portable display stand is going to be much better than a permanent installation. Contact Fowler for more information on the portable monitor stands.

At Infocomm, Panasonic unveiled the 103″ plasma display panel (PDP) with 1080p (progressive) High Definition resolution. With a display of 1,920 _ 1,080, it’s not just big, it’s High Definition and it’s GORGEOUS! To give you an idea of just how big it is, this display is the size of four 50″ plasma displays. A plasma that size is a great concept for large presentation display, but a bigger screen size means an even bigger price tag, and in order to be one of the first to get it, prepare to pay top dollar for this gem. It is scheduled to start shipping by the Christmas season.

If you need something sooner, Panasonic has introduced its seventh generation of Professional Series plasma displays consisting of a 37″, 42″, 50″ as well as a 65″ High Definition Panel. The new Professional Series family boasts Panasonic’s phenomenal image quality, high contrast (4000:1 on SD / 3000:1 on HD) and multi-slot functionality, as well as improvements in peak brightness, displayable colors, service life, multi-screen capabilities and customization options. These ultra-thin displays can be horizontally or vertically mounted and offer a wide viewing angle of more than 160 degrees. The panels are equipped with a host of energy-saving functions, and its contrast automatic tracking system senses ambient lighting conditions and adjusts brightness and gradation accordingly. We’re told that these eye-catching displays will begin shipping in July. For more information on plasma and LCD displays call Fowler.

As the price of gas goes up, the price for electronics has been going down. What does this mean for your church? That depends on what you’re looking for. With flat panel displays becoming more affordable, digital signage for the lobby may be within your church’s reach. A confidence monitor for the stage may now become an option. Extra displays could be installed in the sanctuary to overcome any line-of-sight issues (awkward angles, poles obstructing view, etc.) or just to add the “cool factor”. You might even consider a larger display for your kiosk than you originally planned. Regardless of the application, options are becoming available to churches that didn’t exist even a year ago.

Digital signage could greatly benefit from the use of wireless technology. Instead of having to run all those cables through multiple walls or ceilings, a signal can be broadcast anywhere in your facility. This means you would be able to transmit graphics or video from a computer, DVD or camera to any number of displays in the lobby. You could put a plasma in the nursery and watch what’s happening in the sanctuary. The only place wireless is not recommended is on stage. The transmission of a wireless signal does tend to have a delay, so it may not the best idea to use wireless monitors in the same place as wired monitors or projectors. Also, long distances and certain types of wall structures or blockages can have an effect on wireless signal strength. Check with a Fowler representative to see if wireless technology is the right solution for your church.