Wireless Cards


Wireless Internet access is one form of Broadband, high speed, Internet access that utilizes radio frequencies instead of phone or cable lines. Wireless cards in managed mode will join a network created by a master, and will automatically change their channel to match it. Wireless cards from many manufacturers are widely available. Wireless cards are also available for purchase through us at current industry prices. Wireless cards that are purchased by our customers through other retailers can also be used; however, compatibility is not guaranteed.


Cards with Marvell chipsets should be avoided at this time. For starters, a dual-band card takes up only one slot. Each card is supplied with a client that provides improved configuration options when compared with Windows XP’s default wireless setup. The real differentiators are the client utility’s features, as well as the range and throughput of the network card in each mode.


Laptops with Centrino chips and built in wireless are also good. Laptops with internal wireless cards ship with the card already installed. If your laptop PC has an ExpressCard slot instead of the PCMCIA slot, we suggest that you use our single-slot ExpressCard Slot Adapter for your PCMCIA 3G cards. To install a WiFi adapter on your laptop or PC, follow the directions that come with the equipment. For users of other laptop computers: Information Systems recommends purchasing a wireless card with the 802.

Not all Wireless cards are the same. 24 Mbps is the highest speed that wireless cards are required for support. Make sure that your router and wireless cards are compatible with the same standards. Although most people don’t realize it, almost all laptop’s wireless cards are on mini-pci and are removable as a result.