Digitizer Tablets

Digitizer tablets have different models and most of them are able to draw thicker lines when you increase your stroke pressure. There are also high-end tablets capable of drawing features that are more realistic, with paint splatters and ink drips.

  • Command size digitizer tablets – Commonly used for diagrams, freehand drawings and graphic design, they can be installed on your desktop or placed on your lap. Sizes ranges from 4×5 to 12×12 inches (the smaller are handheld).
  • Tracing size digitizer tablets – This is for bigger drawings like architectural plans, blueprints, and large posters. Its size ranges from 24×36 to 36×60 inches and they can be mounted on stands, hung on walls, or rolled up.

Buying a digitizer tablet may seem hard at first, but there are really only two things you should look for.

  • Screen format – Ensure that the tablet can match the aspect ratio of your monitor. Most of them are designed for common 4:3 monitors, but they can distort your images when used with newer ones. Look for one that can support wide-screen or dual monitors if you have such a monitor.
  • Footprint – If you want better resolution, it is advisable to choose a digitizer tablet with bigger relative footprint.