Mouse Trays

A mouse tray can be adjusted to the appropriate height, rotation and tilt to accommodate different types of users. Many models can be installed at the side of your computer desk or keyboard tray to free up desk space. It may also include a wrist rest to reduce hand strain and injury.

The types of mouse trays available in the market

  • Clamp-on models – This type comes with a thick clip that clamps onto the side or the surface of a computer desk. It is less secure than a mounted tray, but it is easier to assemble and remove.
  • Mounted model – This model features a mounting arm that can be fixed on or beneath the shelf of computer table. It is fastened separately from the keyboard shelf. A few of the models available with this type swivel or rotates to accommodate the user’s posture or position while using the computer.
  • Slide-out models – This type can be hidden discretely under your keyboard’s tray and slides out when you need to use it.

Helpful tips to remember when buying your own mouse tray

  • Choose a mouse tray made out of durable material, specifically one that is made out of medium density fiberboard (MDF). This material retains its form despite heavy weight and constant use.
  • If you prefer a tray that swivels, choose a tray that rotates up to 360 degrees to give you full control over angle and position.