Using Bluetooth Enabled Printers

Using a Bluetooth adapter can convert any printer into a Bluetooth enabled one. However while using any Bluetooth enabled printers, it is important to know a few basics. In this section we elaborate on these.

  • Limited range: With Bluetooth enabled printers, you’ll find that range is an issue. The range of distance within which printing is possible is from about 30 to 330 feet. This of course would depend on the hardware configuration. The higher the range the more the power needed, which could drain out your battery in the long run.
  • Printing from the mobile: There are times when you just have to print that gorgeous picture or that document from your hand-held PDA to a Bluetooth enabled printer. In such cases, what you need to do is: search for your Bluetooth enabled printer on your mobile phone. You might find it in the option called BT (Bluetooth) Discovery. On clicking this, it will show all the available Bluetooth devices. Then you can select the printer and hit on “Print”. However be careful, as the Discovery stage makes your phone or handheld device accessible to anyone and everyone within your vicinity. Therefore it can be susceptible to hacking. Be sure to switch off the Bluetooth mode once you’re done printing.
  • Hacking: Make sure you avoid setting your Bluetooth enabled device to a ‘discoverable mode’. This makes it possible for your IP address to be known by any person with malicious intent. Often such attacks are directed at mobile phones, PDAs and computers. Hackers usually connect to your PDA or mobile by using fictitious names that are familiar to you. Therefore if you connect even once to their device, chances are, the hackers can keep connecting to your device and use it for malicious purposes – like sending a virus, crashing your operating system or even deleting important files.
  • Enable encryption: For security reasons, it’s best to always enable encryption for any Bluetooth transfer that you may make. In order to enable encryption in any Bluetooth enabled device, you need to use the Bluetooth connection Wizard (usually present on Windows XP operating systems).
  • Keep firmware updated: It is also essential to ensure speed and agility in your mobile phone while printing through your wireless printers. To do this, ensure your mobile phone’s firmware is always kept updated.