Troubleshooting Laptop

Try rebooting and using “Safe Mode”, this is accessible by pressing the F8 key repeatedly before Windows starts to load (you know you have it right when a menu pops up that asks if you want to load windows or run in safe mode along with a few other options), choose Safe Mode (not safe mode command prompt only or safe mode with Networking Support). The touch pad (or trackball) will probably not work and the screen will look funny. Go into the control panel and remove that software and reboot. That may fix it, if not while in safe mode run system restore (Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore) and choose a date prior to installing that software.

I own a Sony Vaio Laptop and I am having CD drive problems. I insert a CD and now it doesn’t recognise it being inserted on the computer. Have tried multiple CDs, checked My Computer numerous times and still nothing.

You’ve probably been told already, but a CD lens cleaner can work wonders. You might also try a blast of Spray air in the side. If there’s a hair or dust on the lens it will not be able to “see” the Disc. Other than this, the laser may be out of alignment.

The screen display has turned from landscape to portrait and I am having to turn my head to view the screen.

Sounds like the display settings got changed. Right click an empty spot on your desktop and choose properties from the menu that opens. This will open the display properties window. Somewhere in there should be a setting for screen rotation or similar worded setting that will allow you to change the orientation.

I have a Gateway laptop that’s just barely a year old. The other day, I went to turn it on, and nothing happened! It was working fine prior to that day. Someone said that it could be a surge problem. Any ideas?

You could try to remove the battery and try getting it to work on AC power alone. If that works then try plugging the battery in and turning it back on. If it doesn’t work with the battery and works without it then I suspect the battery may be defective. Modern laptop batteries have circuits inside to tell the computer how much charge they have. Batteries are the weakest link on all notebooks. If it doesn’t work even on AC power with no battery, then get a multimeter and check the output of the adapter and compare it with the specs printed on it. It should be no lower than .1 volts from the specified range, for example, if it says 14.2 volts and you measure 13.5 then there is a good change it’s bad.