Laser Printer Cartridges

Ink is the most essential component of any printer. Since ink is a limited resource, the cartridges need to be refilled or replaced from time to time. Purchasing a new ink cartridge may be expensive. However, refilling them can be an inexpensive alternative.

An ink cartridge is a removable component of all laser printers. The cartridge functions as both a store for the ink and as a means of applying the ink to the paper. The cartridge is docked into the printer and placed closely above the printing surface of the paper. A laser printer may make use of a single ink cartridge or two cartridges simultaneously. The cartridge contains divisions that serve as a reservoir of the ink, electronic components, and an electric chip that connects the cartridge to the printer.

A laser printer is usually provided with specification about the number of prints it is capable of producing per cartridge. It is advisable to use the same brand of laser print cartridge for the corresponding printer, as they are known to function flawlessly. The companies that sell laser printer cartridges offer high-quality, long-lasting goods that need fewer refills and, hence, prove to be more efficient.

Laser printer ink cartridges use two types of ink, namely the pigment-based black ink and the dye-based ink. This ensures crisp, quick, anti-fading outputs. It is advisable to purchase laser printer ink cartridges from reliable sources, as there are many duplicates available, and it becomes difficult to differentiate between the original and a replica.