Decide On A Printer

Usually the big deciding factor on what kind of printer you are going to end up with is the price. Good inkjet printers can be had for one hundred dollars especially if you are not interested in printing in color. If you are intending to print photographs however then you have to start looking for a high quality bubble inkjet printer in the two hundred to three hundred dollar ranges. If you want to find an all in one printer that can do it all or a high quality laser printer then you can expect to pay three hundred dollars or more for the unit.

The absolute cheapest option for what you get are the inkjet printers and you can get one for fewer than fifty bucks by shopping on the Internet. These cheaper printers are slower and only print about ten pages a minute and have a reasonably high resolution of 1200 dpi resolution (dpi means drops per inch.)

The best inkjet printers that have the best value when it comes replacing the cartridges will be the ones that come with two cartridges – one unit for color and another for black and white. If there is only one cartridge you almost always end up using up all of the black ink and throwing out a lot of perfectly usable color ink. Color ink is considerably more expensive than black, so using a combination of colors rather than black ink to print out documents will also add to the cost of the use of your printer. Keep in mind too that the cheaper; the printer is the more ink it will probably eat up as it processes tasks.

If you are willing to spend more than a hundred dollars on a printer your options open up considerably. Printers are available at higher printing speeds and are able to print on different types of appear such as envelopes or business card stationery.

Sometimes if you are a savvy shopper, especially on the Internet you can find black and white laser printers for about a hundred dollars. These are best for people who print in bulk and don’t need to print out in color.

If you are willing to spend between $200 and $400 on a printer then you can get a very high quality inkjet printer that will print excellent quality graphics and photographs at a very fast speed. This price will also buy you a low-end color laser printer. A good quality one will print out between ten and twenty-five pages a minute. Any less pages printed out per minute and the laser printer is not a bargain for the price!