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SD Cards support encryption and content protection that is indicated by the word ‘Secured’. A user can ensure that the data he has stored are secured unless and until he takes the necessary steps to unprotect them. Thus, SD cards offer the benefit of ‘write protection’. So, fears of accidentally losing or changing data can be eliminated by using these cards. Still, these are used for regular storage due to their small size and fast transfer rate.

Mini SD and Micro SD Cards are the miniature variations of the SD Card. They were introduced with dramatically smaller footprints: the former in 2003 and the later in 2005. Electrically, as well as software compatible, both these variations fit into a regular SD slot via an adapter. One of the great things about these cards is that the user can choose the size, as well as the quantity to have on hand, according to his needs and budget.

One thing to be remembered while buying SD cards : if the resolution of your digital camera is high, you need a high capacity memory card. It cannot be determined as to how many images you can store on a particular memory card. It depends on various things like: the kind of the images, their file type and the compression rate per photograph. Typically, a 128 or 256 megabyte card is sufficient for an average photographer who use a 3-5 mega pixel camera.