Military Laser Pointers

It makes good sense to provide funding to military personnel for standard issue, not only as a weapon, but also as a life saving device. Many times a high power pointer is the only “homing beacon” a platoon or squadron can rely on to be retrieved during a gunfight or a failed operation. A high power beam is clearly visible through daylight and the night sky, and the most popular military pointer in production produces a powerful green beam at a light frequency of 532nm. This is because the military finds the greatest use in the brightest laser color possible to the human eye, 532nm. Many units are so powerful that they can actual light a fuse, temporarily blind an enemy, burn, and ignite, making them great for protection and intimidation.

There is, however, a bit of controversy surrounding the availability of powerful products on the open market through online shopping sources. The debate is that extremely powerful pens, which can be considered dangerous, are too easy to purchase and use despite clear health and safety hazards that they create for un-trained users. The problem is that many people were taking advantage of military grade technology from the comfort of their own home, receiving wonderfully packaged powerful units to their front doors. To some, this may seem harmless, but the media has created a shroud of fear surrounding the concept of pointers. When news hit the nation that a pointer had been used to blind a pilot on his descent to land his filled aircraft on an international air strip, immediate action was demanded by the public from both the FDA and Home Land Security. The unfortunate truth was that the pointer that was actually used was a low power 5mw green laser pen, not your average high power military laser pointer. Despite this knowledge, leaps and bounds were made extremely quickly to keep these products out of the homes of your average civilian.

But hobbyists around the world have not backed down at all, in fact, laser sales worldwide have steadily increased year to year since the wide scale release of the green laser pointer at the dawn of the millennium. More powerful pointers are being sold today than ever before. But there is some difference surrounding the laser pointer scenario currently. It seems that your average laser pointer enthusiast has gotten smarter and is now taking standard safety precautions when using their powerful lasers. Simple things really, such as not aiming the laser at any person, animal, vehicle, or building. Things that really anyone with a little common sense should be able to grasp, but when you are holding a powerful laser pointer capable of blazing a beam of light over 65 miles, its easy to get carried away. The military will continue to use laser pointers, and laser providers around the globe will continue to provide military laser pointers to laser users as long as the desire for more power exists.