Megabites Of Memory


Memory is the ability to retain data for a period of time. Memory can be built right into a system board, but it is usually attached to the system board in the form of a chip or module. Memory chips are tiny electronic circuits specially designed for storing data. Memory chips reside on the motherboard, or on a added memory boards inside your PC. Memory is very easy to install in computers, but be sure you buy the correct type of memory. Memory upgrades should be compatible with the memory already in your computer, and they must be compatible with the motherboard in your computer.


Computers generally come with no less than 256MB of memory for a basic computer. You can upgrade that to 512MB or more with the addition of one or two modules. Although older computers may not support that much. To installing CD-ROM drive you need about 740MB of hard drive space to copy CDs. Video cards have a built-in memory but they also consume your main system RAM. If you add a printer or scanner to your system, you should also consider buying more memory. Computer memory is always organized in a fixed manner. It is an electronic storage with no moving parts. Adding computer memory or upgrading computer memory is also one of the easiest computer upgrades. NOTE: No memory module is built to be universally compatible, so you need to find modules that are specifically made for your system.