Large Format Scanner

There are a couple of very good reasons starting with

  • Wanting to gain a global reach via e-mail and the Web for your design work or art
  • Would save money from being able to convert hand drawn plans to CAD format using vectorisation software
  • Would like to archive important large format documents
  • Want to get plan drawings into digital format for a specific project

Whatever the reason and there are many…the problem has always been affordability.

Thanks Goodness that has now changed with the advent of the new Australian Deskan 6.00, a mature 2nd generation scanner designs that puts in-house large format colour and mono scanning at your fingertips for about $6.00 per day.

The Deskan 6 Large Format Scanner finally is the answer to smaller business and individuals who need a high quality solution to get plans, maps, art and even fabric into the computer.

With a scanning resolution of up to 600 DPI and the capacity to scan in either 24 bit colour, greyscale or black and white from wide format documents even larger than “E” or “A0” size, this rugged and reliable Australian innovation offers the same set of features found in traditional wide format roller scanners, but at a quarter of the normal price.

The only real compromise is scanning speed.

However, with the capacity of realistically scanning up to 90x E-size (A0) wide format colour documents at the industry standard resolution of 200 dpi and up to 150 similar size documents in black and white in an eight hour shift, it would only be the most demanding commercial imaging service providers and large government organisations who may find this compromise unsuitable.

Consider this. A standard wide format colour roller scanner of around $15,000 works out to a monthly lease repayment of approximately $600.00, an expense that can hardly be justified by most smaller organisations.

On the other hand, the Deskan 6 comes to only US$4500.00 which includes international shipping to the USA, Canada or the UK. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of an in-house wide format colour scanner for only $175 per month which works out to less than $6.00 per day.

If you cannot benefit from having a colour wide format scanner at $6.00 per day, you don’t need one.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the organisations that may benefit from investing in the Deskan 6 Large Format scanner.

Instead of relying on expensive courier services, Architects, landscapers and other artists are instantly empowered to serve a much wider geographic client base by being able to scan and e-mail their freehand drawings or art. What used to take days can now be on the client’s desktop for approval with in a matter of minutes.

Manufacturing and maintenance divisions can now provide key employees with controlled and instant online access to collections of plan drawings or other information contained in wide format documents. This reduces downtime and increases productivity to the extent of having become a no-brainer to organisations who wish to stay competitive.

Manufacturing engineers involved in reverse engineering of components now have a low cost and viable option for the scanning and vectorisation of 2.5d components.

Other individuals who may benefit include those who need to create CAD format stencils and templates for electronic embroidering, vinyl sign or laser component cutting, custom auto detailers and artists, fabric and carpet pattern designers, smaller photocopy shops and printing businesses etc.

For those who need more information and would like to see an online video presentation, please do not hesitate to check out this amazing new innovation.

With a solid involvement in computer hardware stemming from the early 80s, and specialising in the conversion of hardcopy to searchable electronic information for the last 13 years, I have always been motivated to bring the latest innovations to clients who could benefit from digital imaging.