Laptop Security

Whenever there is a laptop theft, only a few of the culprits are concerned about the data it contains but more are concerned with its digital treasures like the hard drives. By selling them they seek quick profits. This article is devoted on how you can secure your laptop and will give you a brief overview on how users can prevent laptop thefts.

With the increasing number of laptop thefts, people have become more concerned about their possession. To support this there is available a wide range of security products depending on your requirements. Of which the most important is the users self security. You should be very careful with your machine while traveling. The others security means are:

  • Laptop Security Cables: It is the most cheapest and effective security measure available in the market. Laptop Security Cables are light weight cables that wrap around a stationary device and lock the security slot of your laptop. If your laptop is not equipped with a built-in security slot, an optional glue-on adapter is available at no extra charges.
  • Laptop Safes: They are the most convenient security gadget available to you while you are traveling. A must have in especially for the travelers! Your machine is transported safely in a sturdy trunk in your very own vehicle.
  • Technological Solutions: In this category you have a wide array of products, ranging from motor sensors to theft alarms, depending on your requirements.
  • Track IT: This product helps create a “maximum separate zone” around both the user and the laptop. As soon as you move out of the range of your machine, the alarm rings and once back within the range, it stops. It is an ideal solution for preventing thefts in crowded areas. But the interference from the environment such as the metal beams and other radio sources is a drawback to this solution which reduces the usefulness of the product. Another method is to opt for an alarm that relies on the movement of the object that is attached to it. If the object that is attached to the sensor is moved an alarm will be raised.
  • Caveo’s Anti-Theft PCMCIA Card: This device monitors the position of your laptop. There are sensors that detect the movement of laptop outside the designated workforce, several events can occur like the alarm will ring, where upon Caveo will shut down and effectively lock the machine by preventing it from booting without a proper action.
  • Password Protection: If you are running an operating system that supports proper login settings, a password is a must.
  • Smart Cards: They are being used sparingly as they are an efficient way to block access to people other than the user.
  • Encryption: Data encryption system protects information stored in your laptops.
  • Biometrics: It provides another means of blocking access by allowing only the users who authenticate their identity with various physical characteristics such as the finger prints, voice patterns or their retina scan.

These security products provide effective theft deterrents and access controls but ultimately it all depends on the individual user to prevent their laptop theft. Users need to be specifically careful in the public locations.