Install A New Sound Card


Remove the system unit cover and locate an empty expansion bay.Note that the rear cover of the slot may have to be removed on most computers.Before touching anything,ground yourself to remove any buildup of elecrtical static charge from yourself. Touching the computer case or a boorknob will do the job.

With the cover removed from the system unit,lay the computer on its side.You may have to remove other connections or devices to have clear access to the empty card bay.

Take notes of any devices or connections that you make so that you can refer to them during installation of the new card.

New sound cards must be installed in the PCI slot. After removing the small rear cover,remove the new card from its protective wrap.This wrap is intended to keep the card away from electrical static charge.


Grasp the card and align it with the PCI slot. Slowly but firmly press the new card completely in the PCI slot.Check to be sure no part of the yellow contacts can be seen when the card is pushed in.

Secure the sound card to the system unit by using the screw that you removed when removing the rear cover.Use this screw to secure the card to the case.

If you have on sound installed on the motherboard and you want to install another card,most systems will disable the motherboard integrated sound.If not, consult your computer manual to find the correct jumpers to disable the motherboard sound.

Now the cdrom audio cable must be connected. Insert one end of the audio cable for the cdrom or dvd drive into the CD-IN socket of the sound card. The other end is inserted into the audio-out socket of the cdrom or dvd drive.

Check and double check all connections before you replace the system unit cover.If all connections are good,replace the cover and reboot the system after all peripherals are reconnected.


The computer should automatically detect the new card and attempt to install the device drivers needed to communicate with the card.Windows should prompt you to install the software needed to allow the card to communicate to the computer.

The new card should have come with a cdrom with device drivers and other software for the card.Simply inserted the cdrom in the cdrom drive and select the cdrom installation when prompted.

Test the new sound card by re-booting the computer. You should hear the Windows startup sound if the card is operational.In some cases,the new card will be operational without rebooting your computer.

Installing or upgrading your sound card is that easy. You will need a quality speaker system to take full advantage of your new sound card.Get a speaker system with a super woofer for maximum sound quality.

Those new games and your new music cdroms will be much more exciting with that new sound bursting from the new sound card.If you’re blessed enough to have two computers,install the card in the other system,at your convience.This will give you the added training of installing computer components.