Electronic Work Benches


The first thing you should think about is the material and built of your bench. Wood is a great material for an electronic work bench. It is sturdy enough to hold many compartments and shelves where you can store your tools. Proper storage of your tools is important if you want to make your job easier. You don’t want to delay your electronic repair work by searching your work area for a missing tool. So it is really important that your work bench is sturdy enough to accommodate spacious compartments.

Another great thing with wood is that it is not a good conductor of electricity. When you are working with electronic tools, chances are there might be instances when electrostatic discharges may leak from your tools. An electrostatic discharge can potentially cause electric shock, which is a very undesirable experience.

Yet wood is somewhat expensive. So you might just opt for an antistatic electronic bench made of fiberboard or gray laminate tops equipped with an earth lead for wiring into the earth circuit. These antistatic electronic work benches are not entirely made of fiberboard or gray laminate. To ensure that it will have a sturdy base, an antistatic bench may have legs, railings, or shelves made of aluminum or steel.


The bigger, the better. Most folks say that. Sometimes, it is true. But when it comes to getting an electronic work bench, size depends on your workspace. If you have a large work area, then you can get a large electronic work bench. But if your workspace is already cramped, you should consider getting a medium-sized bench. Normally, a bench with a width of 39 inches and height of 30 inches would suffice.


Of course, an electronic work bench with only its bare parts-legs, railings, and top-is incomplete. You also need to add drawers and shelves where you can neatly place your tools. You can put your most essential tools-such as anti-static equipment and testers-within easy reach if you have a nice top shelf installed on your bench. Things that you have finished working on should be organized in stackable drawers underneath the work surface. Since your work will require you to plug in several devices at once, you can avoid using annoying extension cords by having an outlet panel installed on your electronic bench. Other useful accessories are cupboards, top fluorescent light frames, rear service ducts, bench mats, and etc.


When searching for an electronic work bench, cost will be one of your top priorities. There are many online stores that offer brand new high-quality electronic work benches at bargain rates. If you are looking to save more money, then you can also buy a used work bench online.