Electronic Depositions

No matter how the electronic deposition originally was created, these documents offer numerous advantages over paper-based and video transcripts. For example, with an electronic document, there’s less paper involved, it’s easier to search for specific discussions, and you can work with the transcript in many different ways.

Reduce Paper

While you may receive a paper and electronic transcript, electronic depositions can dramatically reduce the amount of paper you use. For instance, if you need to share a 100-page deposition with ten other attorneys, you’d need to make ten copies of a paper transcript. That’s 1,000 pages of paper. If you have an electronic transcript, you could simply email the document to your colleagues, saving time, paper, and money.

Improve Searching

Not only do you have less paper to contend with, searching an electronic transcript is much easier and faster than paper transcripts. Simply enter a relevant keyword and find matching text. In addition to keyword searches, you can also enter annotations and bookmarks, further improving your ability to find important portions.

Stay Organized

Box after box of paper transcripts for multiple cases make it difficult and impractical to work on a mobile basis or quickly find the documentation that you need at any given time. Converting paper transcripts into electronic documents allows you to have all of the information neatly stored on a computer. Store your files in a secure online location and access your electronic depositions from virtually anywhere where you have Internet access such as your office, your client’s office, your home, or even the courtroom.

Improve Collaboration

Remember those 100-page copies mentioned earlier? With electronic depositions, you and your colleagues can collaborate more effectively. Not only can you search for specific keywords and annotate the transcript, so can they. You can also copy and paste specific text in emails to discuss further or hold virtual meetings using online collaboration or file-sharing tools.

Improve Presentations

In addition, electronic depositions can be imported into presentation software. Whether you want to include excerpts or the entire transcript is up to you.