Continuous Ink Systems

Continuous Ink Systems were introduced in 1999, however have had a significant growth in the consumer market over the last few years. The problem associated with regular ink jet printer cartridges is the cost. The price of cartridges varies depending on the printer model and brand. However because cartridges contain very little ink – there is very little value.

Continuous ink systems use ink tanks which are designed to sit beside a printer. These ink tanks can contain up to 100x the amount of ink compared to regular ink jet printer cartridges. Unlike most cartridges, CIS ink tanks can be refilled one-by-one. The fact that CIS contain much more ink, means that you don’t need to replace ink every few weeks.

Continuous ink systems result in a saving of approximately 90% due to the bulk feed. This means that the consumer can print photos and other media without having to worry about ink usage and the high costs of cartridges. In today’s age, people own expensive digital cameras and have the convenience of printing excellent quality image from their homes. CIS finally give consumers the freedom to print their media in an affordable and efficient way.

The price of CIS has dropped dramatically over the past 2 years as Chinese engineers realized its market potential. As a result CIS is the most attractive ink solution on the market.