Computer Monitors


Flat panel LCD monitors look great and will save room on your desk; CRT monitors also work well and can be less expensive. Most new desktop computers include two connectors to support dual monitors. Many new desktop computers support dual monitors without requiring any additional hardware. Having two monitors will forever change the way you work with your computer. One thing to note is that LCD monitors are typically sized by their actual viewable diagonal measurement, but CRTs typically are not.


There are two types of Infrared touch screen monitor screens, the first reacts to infrared or thermal waves (heat), unfortunately this technology is slow and does not work well with cold hands or objects. The second type of Infrared touch screen monitors use vertical and horizontal infrared sensors around the perimeter of the touch screen. You can never have enough screen space, especially when organizing and working on your digital pictures. There are several different ways you can make use of this extra screen space when working at home or in your office. The wide screen format also helps to put more on screen for landscape mode images.

CRT type monitors are the traditional monitors that we have been using for years. LCD type monitors are based on a newer technology and are becoming very popular, mainly because they have great space and energy saving advantages over CRT monitors. CRT and LCD monitors are based on completely different technologies, and thus have quite different display characteristics.

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