CompactFlash Card

Equipped with flash technology, CompactFlash cards are non-volatile storage device. A non-volatile storage device is that allows you to store data continuously without requiring a constant power source. In comparison to common magnetic disk drives, CompactFlash cards give you much more data protection. These cards are small, light-weight and low-power product capable of providing you a better data storage device.

Memory storage in these cards normally range from 128MB to 64 GB. Cards of memory between 256 MB and 2GB are more used than the others. SanDisk and Kingston are some of the most popular flash memory cards easily available and sold most in UK and other countries around the world. Some flash cards of Kingston which have become widely popular and most sold are Kingston Elite Pro Hi-speed CompactFlash card, which are available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. These digital cards are compatible with operating system like Window 98 to Window XP, Mac OS, OS Platforms, etc.

Attaching CompactFlash card in your digital devices like digital camera, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Palmtop, digital voice recorder, photo printer, etc. gives you freedom to not fall short of space enabling you to save more data. Moreover, these cards can be bought with lifetime guarantee. Since it is electronic stuff, it requires serious concerns, as going for a bad brand may give you poor quality of products. Several of electronic companies have gone online, and make you avail these cards easily. Even they deliver your desired items in next 24 hour at your doorstep.