Cheap Laptop Batteries

There are many types of batteries that include nickel-cadmium batteries, Lithium ion batteries and nickel hydride. The price of these batteries depends on the material that is used for manufacturing them. A nickel cadmium battery is the cheapest among all the three types of batteries mentioned above.

The price of a nickel cadmium battery can range from $50 to$100 whereas a nickel hydride battery is slightly costlier compared to cadmium batteries. The price of a nickel hydride battery can range from $80 to $150. A lithium polymer battery is more expensive compared to the other two types of batteries that are mentioned above.

Another invention that is revolutionizing laptop batteries are the new external batteries that offer a run-time of about seven hours (also depends on the programs being used on the laptop) at about half the price. Many vendors on the Internet offer batteries at low cost if bought in bulk. Some companies offer discount on batteries if the same company manufactures the laptop.

Alkaline batteries are the cheapest among batteries, but incur the highest cost per cycle. Other cheap batteries include lithium ion polymer and lithium ion batteries. Cheap batteries are also available in the Chinese market and can be shipped to the US by booking them on the Internet.

The life of a battery can be increased by about fifty percent thus decreasing the price of the same. Many precautionary steps can be taken in order to increase the life of a battery such as – fully discharging the battery and recharging them again at least once a month, keeping the batteries cool and dry, and making sure that the batteries are not overcharged.