CD Duplicator

You can even go a step further and distribute your music to all your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, or even your entire school–distributing CDs of your music at a very minimal cost, just with the use of CD duplicators.

So, okay, the initial cost of CD duplicators is not that minimal, compared to, say, a computer CD burner; in fact, it’s a lot more costly. So why bother when you can copy as much CDs as you want with a burner? Creating two to three CD copies with CD burners is fine, but if you need to copy by the hundreds, you can find it frustrating, tedious, and a waste of time. CD duplicators are designed to create multiple CD copies from a single source or master CD. They are stand-alone devices that do not need a computer to operate. They operate at very high speeds, reproducing CDs up to sixteen (or more) CDs. Some can stack up hundreds of CDs, operating without the need for supervision.

There are two types of CD duplicators: tower and automated. Tower CD duplicators are just like standard CD drives, except they form a series of drives, including a master disc drive. These are arranged vertically like a CPU. They connect to a computer via USB or FireWire for authoring a file transfer. Automatic CD duplicators has an automated handling system that loads, feeds, and retrieves CDs by itself. They have CD ays that can stack up to 600 CDs, making them ideal for large-scale overnight reproductions.