Blue Laser Pointers

Finally, in 1993 Shuji Nakamura released the blue LED to an empty market, and then went on to develop and release his creations shortly there after. Now modern science has produced many different varieties of 473nm pointers, for personal and professional applications.

The blue beam is more difficult to produce that that of green or red, so this is why the price tag attached to high quality lasers can be a bit more steep than your standard pen unit. But when quality and brilliance are coordinated correctly into a hand held product, you and everyone witnessing its elusive beam will be genuinely impressed.

But do not despair! Persistent advances in technology and constant market competition is slowly but surely improving the quality of products while at the same time decreasing the price. There is a constant battle for high power blue superiority and improvements are fast and persistent. In just a few short years, diodes have evolved from large and bulky lasers with ugly box casings, to current times where we see hundreds of variations available.

Almost every hobbyist out there has, or wishes they had, a 473nm blue pointer. The diode is far more rare than your average cheap pointers, and you can’t put a price on exclusiveness. Furthermore, there is no better time to get your hands on these lasers than right now. The beam is typically less powerful because of the complicated structure of the blue laser light propulsion, but this does not make blue lasers any less dangerous than other colored lasers. They may be producing lower output powers, but proper laser caution must be adhered to whenever using a blue laser or any other for that matter.

Photography, holography, and many other scientific fields have benefited from improvements in blue laser light technology. If you are a professional you may already be taking advantage of this recent boom in blue laser production, but if you are simply a gadget lover like a lot of us out there, there has never been a simpler time than now to obtain your own pointer. Anything is possible with the internet, take advantage of this golden age!