Military Laser Pointers

It makes good sense to provide funding to military personnel for standard issue, not only as a weapon, but also as a life saving device. Many times a high power pointer is the only “homing beacon” a platoon or squadron can rely on to be retrieved during a gunfight or a failed operation. A high power beam is clearly visible through daylight and the night sky, and the most popular military pointer in production produces a powerful green beam at a light frequency of 532nm. This is because the military finds the greatest use in the brightest laser color possible to the human eye, 532nm. Many units are so powerful that they can actual light a fuse, temporarily blind an enemy, burn, and ignite, making them great for protection and intimidation.

There is, however, a bit of controversy surrounding the availability of powerful products on the open market through online … Read the rest

Barebone Computers

The barebone computer allows you to add other peripherals and components like hard drives, the operating system, and other input/output devices. Usually, they have are non-standard components readily installed to ensure compatibility with other devices you can install.

Pick a barebone computer that already has components for the kind of system that you want to build. A pre-assembled model that has a mid-end processor is ideal for a basic desktop computer, while a model that has several slots for sound and graphic cards are ideal for a gaming or multimedia system.

If you want one that can support a lot of add-ons, choose one with a high-capacity motherboard and processor and ensure the components come with warranties and manuals. Furthermore, check on the power supply to ensure that the voltage matches the one in your office or home.

Barebone computers are either assembled or unassembled. Assembled ones already have built-in … Read the rest

Check Silicon Controlled Rectifier

SCR consists of three pin of Gate (G), Anode (A) and Cathode (C). In order to identify the pin out, one must find it from semiconductor data book such the famous Philips ECG master semiconductor replacement guide. The data book will list out the general specification of the SCR such as the volt and ampere. If you want to know more details about a particular SCR, you can always try to search from the internet. Usually the SCR manufacturers will provide the full datasheet for those who want it.

Once you know the pin outs of the G, A and C legs you can begin to test the SCR. If you have the Peak electronic atlas component analyzer tester, what you need to do is to connect the three small clips to each pin of the SCR (any part number will do). The tester will begin to analyze the SCR … Read the rest

Portable Consumer Electronics

From analog to digital, consumer electronics are now evolving with WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) technology. Applications such as Voice Over IP (VoIP), web surfing, MP3 play back and movie play back are some of the most desirable convergence applications implemented in portable consumer electronics. Wi-Fi and HDD, with their origins in the PC world, are being rapidly adapted by the portable consumer electronics market. More and more portable electronic products are appearing in the market everyday.

Portable consumer electronics are sufficiently compact, lightweight and easy mobility. There are handheld and battery powered portable consumer electronics gadgets. The typical life cycle of a portable consumer electronic product is much shorter than that of other market segments. The market for portable consumer electronic devices is changing rapidly with continuous research in this area.

The driving factor in electronic product miniaturization primarily comes from the consumer, who constantly seeks more and more convenient features … Read the rest

Buy a Computer Monitor

Technology of monitor.

These are two basic types of monitors that are used with personal computer.

  • CRT monitors
  • Flat-Panel Monitors

When purchasing a computer monitor it is important to know if you want a CRT monitor or a Flat Panel monitor.

CRT Monitors. A CRT monitor is similar to standard television. Like televisions, CRT monitor size is measured diagonally, in inches, across the front of the screen. Today, CRT monitors are available in various sizes, i.e., 15, 17, 19, 21, and 22 inches. The large size monitors are more expensive and allow you to view more information on the screen at once.

Flat Panel / LCD. A flat panel monitor is also called LCD monitor. A flat panel monitor takes up less desk space and also consumes less power. Flat panel monitors are available with different sizes such as 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, and 23 inches. Flat panel monitors … Read the rest

Green Electronics

Aside from the endless benefits that advanced technology has afforded us, the progress comes with a large environmental footprint. Many electronics can use an unnecessary amount of energy and over 40 percent of that energy is consumed when the devices are turned off. Moreover, as we constantly strive to keep up with the latest models on the market, the old electronic devices end up in our landfills accounting for 70 percent of all hazardous waste in the United States.

Below are some simple solutions to make your electronic use a little more eco-friendly.

  • Minimize vampire power… Vampire power, or “standby power,” is the electricity consumed by devices when they are plugged in but turned off or in standby mode. As noted above, vampire power accounts for about 40 percent of the energy consumed by electronics. In order to reduce this wasted energy, unplug devices when not in use. Another, more
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Shure Headphones

Isolation was originally created as an in-ear monitoring system for musicians during live performances (it allowed them to hear their performance clearly without cheering from the crowd, venue or interference of the other instruments.) This corporation from Illinois now brings this technology to the average user.

You choose what fitting you want to use that block the background noise and direct a high-performance definitive sound straight into the ear.

Shure’s years of experience and the futuristic shapes and in the way they deliver through their listening designs. Usually they either rest on your ear or your head, and normal earbuds are just placed on the outside of the ear. Instead of going the conventional route, Shure has designed their devices to create a separate listening area within the ear by having the earbuds fit directly into the ear canal. The soft, flexible sleeves on these are able to mold to … Read the rest

Cheap Electronics

Today, people are switching to the latest models as quickly as new models come out of the market. The electronics manufacturers take advantage of the situation by coming up with new products and models regularly within short periods of time. Because of this the electronics industry runs away with huge profits every year.

However, due to the sudden economic downturn, people have become conservative with their purchases. It seems when the economy was hit by the recession, people became more price conscious about the products that they are buying.

When it comes to electronic products, many are now buying the brands that come from China because they are much cheaper than the more popular brands. There is a big chunk of market out there who have created a trend in buying cheap electronics. Much of these people can be found surfing the net for the best deals in electronic products. … Read the rest

Electronics Recycling Is Saving the Earth

Recycling of e-wastes should be done by a company that specializes in such a task. There are many recycling companies to choose from, but before choosing, you have to make sure the company is operating under strict environmental compliance. The recycling company you should choose is a company that has certifications from regulating bodies like the special body that issues ISO certification.

Electronics recycling is a complex process. It is more complex than what you imagine when recycling plastics, bottles and other common wastes. If you surrender an electronic device that no longer works, the recycling company will take the parts that can still be used. For example: a non-functional television. A television is made of so many parts including valuable metals like copper. This copper may be used for another purpose like when repairing other devices that need copper replacement. More than 90 percent of an electronic device can … Read the rest

Printer Ink Supplies

Inkjet printers, which are ordinarily used by people having personal computers or by businesspersons in their operations, utilize four kinds of inks: the aqueous, the solvent, the dye sublimation, and the ultraviolet (UV)-curable.

Aqueous inks are ordinarily used for thermal inkjet printers. These are a combination of several dyes or pigments, which is then mixed with water and glycol. This mixture is hard to control when applied on the exterior of any medium. It is necessary for a special type of medium that is specifically coated for the mixture to be regulated.

Piezoelectric inkjets make us of the solvent inks, the dye sublimation inks as well as the UV-curable inks. The solvent inks have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as their primary ingredient and are commonly used for billboards as well as graphics on fleets. Solvent inks are very affordable. Dye sublimation inks are applicable for printing on fabrics, either directly … Read the rest