Hand Held Metal Detector

This is such a bad news not only for the general public but also for the officials whose task is to make sure the peace and order reign in the area of responsibilities. The growing menace of the society poses a big problem that is not at all becoming easy to solve. With this in mind, there has to be creative and smarter solutions in approaching the situations.

One of the things that can be done is to thoroughly implement standard security measures. These measures are usually sufficient if only security guards or anyone tasked to go about these measures would only be patient enough to go through each step.

Sometimes because nothing bad is happening, everyone becomes lax including the people who should be always keen on watching suspicious things and behaviors. Only when the news reports of failed bombings or successful terrorist operations do everyone go back to being always on their toes. It is about time that people take seriously the call to be vigilant.

Second is to have hand held metal detectors in all establishments. Metals are usually the main driving force behind devices so detecting a metal device early on

Speedometer Calibration

The driver may not notice how fast the vehicle is going when sitting behind the wheel and the only indicator will be the speedometer located a few inches below the windshield. There are two types of speedometers. The mechanical and the electronic version.

The mechanical speedometer works using a cable, a rotating flexible shaft and a magnet. After calibrating and combining these three components, the speed of the car will continue to increase as one continues to step on the gas.

The electronic version also uses a magnet. The only difference is that in order for this to work, the entire system needs a computer. Once this is calibrated, it will be able to tell how fast the vehicle is moving.

Most of the cars use the electronic version but those who like to drive something like a 1956 Mustang will surely be able to reminisce the good old days when the mechanical speedometer made man and machine work together.

Unfortunately, driving more than a hundred miles per hour in the city or even on the freeway with the calibrated speedometer will only get the driver in trouble. For safety reasons, the police will

Agilent Technologies

There are a lot of spectrum analyzers in the market. If the person is having a hard time thinking of what brand to try, then perhaps using something from Agilent technologies can help make that happen.

The company has large units such as the E4447A that measures complex RF and millimeter waves up from 42.98 Ghz to 325 Ghz. The price for one of these things is expensive and fetches for more than $60,000 a piece.

If the individual doesn’t have the budget, then perhaps something cheaper will suffice such as the 8560EC portable spectrum analyzer that can only measure until 2.9 Ghz, which is half the price of the bigger unit.

The E4411B-BAS ESA-L Basic is another interesting model. It can measure from 9 to 1.5Ghz and is very lightweight. This will only cost $8,000 and will work well for those who are just starting out.

Some stores sell these products but if the person wants other options, then it will be a good idea to visit the company website and select from the models available until the right one is found.

The company accepts orders online and after paying for this

Iomega Zip Drive

Zip drives worked in almost exactly the same way as a floppy disk except they were physically bigger and provided a much higher data transfer rate than home users had ever seen before in an “external” data storage device. The biggest problem with Zip drives is that although they were similar to floppy disks you still needed a separate Zip drive to read or write to these disks which in turn meant more expense for home users. Also there was a rival technology called the LS-120 or SuperDisk that found favour with many computer manufacturers (ironically enough the Zip drive long outlived the LS-120 in terms of popularity and usefulness) so the Zip drive faced an uphill struggle from it’s introduction to an eager computer market.

The Zip drive was/is available in a few different flavors. There were parallel, SCSI, USB and IDE Zip drives available on the market at one stage. This meant that regardless of what type of computer you had you’d be able to find a Zip drive with a compatible interface. This meant that both Mac and PC users tended to love the Zip drive although most Mac users tended to favor the

Calibration Technician

In fact, ISO9000 and other standards state that the maximum period between calibration and re-calibration should at least be once every two years or more regularly if instrument degradation is becoming more and more noticeable during specified period. But, in order to ensure the quality of the measurement, many companies and users opt to implement annual calibrations.

Since calibration is required by national and international standards–usually agencies that require a specific system of periodic calibration and maintenance to avoid destructive testing–companies must hire a person that would oversee the calibration process–the calibration technician.

Expected to calibrate, adjust, and repair test measurement and diagnostic equipment, calibration technicians are also required to follow all 17025 and/or standard metrology, procedures, polices and practices. Calibration technicians are also expected to calibrate mechanical, electrical, and optical measuring instruments while preparing written calibration procedures and ensure their proper implementation as well as oversee calibration activities within the department. Aside from these, calibration technicians are expected to:

  • Suggest and create changes to the usual calibration procedures
  • Able to provide calibration certificate data to Metrology Manager
  • Know when to notify the Calibration manager if an out of tolerance condition is discovered

Large Format Scanner

There are a couple of very good reasons starting with

  • Wanting to gain a global reach via e-mail and the Web for your design work or art
  • Would save money from being able to convert hand drawn plans to CAD format using vectorisation software
  • Would like to archive important large format documents
  • Want to get plan drawings into digital format for a specific project

Whatever the reason and there are many…the problem has always been affordability.

Thanks Goodness that has now changed with the advent of the new Australian Deskan 6.00, a mature 2nd generation scanner designs that puts in-house large format colour and mono scanning at your fingertips for about $6.00 per day.

The Deskan 6 Large Format Scanner finally is the answer to smaller business and individuals who need a high quality solution to get plans, maps, art and even fabric into the computer.

With a scanning resolution of up to 600 DPI and the capacity to scan in either 24 bit colour, greyscale or black and white from wide format documents even larger than “E” or “A0” size, this rugged and reliable Australian innovation offers the

Multiple Monitors

Then I started using two screens on the job. You know, it’s been very accommodating. Now I’m wishing I had one or two more at home. If you’re someone that spends a couple hours a week on your computer mainly for corresponding or paying bills, then having one monitor is probably enough.

If you spend any amount of time at home studying or writing or compiling any kind of media – like your family pictures, videos, and music – two monitors (or more) will not only save you time, it actually relieves tension on your eyeballs.

No, I don’t actually have any “facts” to back that eyeball statement, but from my own experience, I feel less tired using my two LCD screens at work then my one LCD at home. The advantages keep growing as I use them. Organizing research and pages are so much easier. And you get to move your head around diminishing that inevitable cursed kink in your neck or back.

As an editor, it’s been fantastic to have one screen keeping notes and one screen to do work on. There’s so much more space to work with. It’s like the difference

Laptop Disassembly Guide

Search on the net for service manuals some are free and other cost around 6$ . Not find your model ? download some free service manual from different brands and read them many steps are the same in laptop disassembly. But i do recommended to find the manual that fit your laptop because you may need to know the part number of the defective part to change it.

Now you have to prepare a clean working area with small box for the different parts and their screws, and maybe a pen and a paper to remember particular step.

To disassemble the computer, you need the tools below:

  • Wrist ground strap and conductive mat for preventing electrostatic discharge
  • Small Phillips screw driver
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Hexagonal driver
  • Tweezers

NOTE : The screws for the different components vary in size. During the disassembly process, group the screws with the corresponding components to avoid mismatch when putting back the components.
When you remove the stripe cover, please be careful not to scrape the cover.

In most of laptop you can actually access by the base to these bays :

  • battery

Wonders of Calibration Weight

One of the greatest discoveries in the field of measurement is calibration. Known as the process of establishing a relationship between content and a measurement signal from any instrument, calibration has become popular especially in the world of research and laboratories worldwide. Some experts say that the relationship resulted from calibration does not necessarily be linear in many instances.

In fact, the correct number of calibrators that are used is quite dependent on the supposed shape of the measurement in response to its function.

Calibrators are also necessary in order to define the signal response to changes in the content of the specimens over the defined analytical measurement range. Here, the calibrator materials are assigned to fit a specific measurement system, thus, taking into account the differences between the two variables.

Aside from establishing a certain relationship between a content and a measurement signal, calibration is also helpful in determining the accuracy of the end results especially those used by method manufacturers or clinical laboratories.

For scientific purposes, the methods of calibration can independently validate the accuracy of the any calibration process, thus, maintaining a the traceability to test the best available reference materials

Laptop Vehicle Mounts

The vehicle mount supports the laptop from the bottom and allows the user to adjust it to different viewing angles. It is commonly used to access GPS maps, make calls, and access various programs while traveling.

Types of laptop vehicle mounts

There are several types that laptop users can choose from, one is the laptop stand that is placed between the driver and the passenger seat. It has a base mount screwed on the car’s floor. It consists of a handle and a head that can be adjusted and moved for your convenience.

Another model to consider is the laptop portable desk. It has a base with two or three legs, and feet with mounting holes. The holes are mounted onto the passenger seat using bolts. The top is covered with a gripping surface to prevent slippage. Some models are even wide enough to accommodate a printer and a fax machine.

Tips to remember when buying laptop vehicle mounts

  • Choose a laptop vehicle mount that is easy to install and does not require drilling. It should be collapsible for easy storage in the when not in use.
  • You may consult with computer