Electronics Recycling

When an electronic product needs to be replaced, this is when electronics recycling starts. Many feel that it is okay to throw the electronics into the trash but what they do not think about is that there could harmful material in the machines, like mercury, that is not good for the environment. You should make sure that you find a proper means to dispose of your electronics. Electronics recycling, in some jurisdictions, law may mandate it.

If you have upgraded your computer system and the old system or part of it is still functioning consider donating it an organization that accepts these electronics. These organizations can include churches that help people with a low income, thrift stores, and more. You can also sell them online. The highest and most efficient way to do electronics recycling is to reuse them. If the items cannot be reused, there are other options … Read the rest

Portable Consumer Electronics

From analog to digital, consumer electronics are now evolving with WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) technology. Applications such as Voice Over IP (VoIP), web surfing, MP3 play back and movie play back are some of the most desirable convergence applications implemented in portable consumer electronics. Wi-Fi and HDD, with their origins in the PC world, are being rapidly adapted by the portable consumer electronics market. More and more portable electronic products are appearing in the market everyday.

Portable consumer electronics are sufficiently compact, lightweight and easy mobility. There are handheld and battery powered portable consumer electronics gadgets. The typical life cycle of a portable consumer electronic product is much shorter than that of other market segments. The market for portable consumer electronic devices is changing rapidly with continuous research in this area.

The driving factor in electronic product miniaturization primarily comes from the consumer, who constantly seeks more and more convenient features … Read the rest

Green Electronics

Aside from the endless benefits that advanced technology has afforded us, the progress comes with a large environmental footprint. Many electronics can use an unnecessary amount of energy and over 40 percent of that energy is consumed when the devices are turned off. Moreover, as we constantly strive to keep up with the latest models on the market, the old electronic devices end up in our landfills accounting for 70 percent of all hazardous waste in the United States.

Below are some simple solutions to make your electronic use a little more eco-friendly.

  • Minimize vampire power… Vampire power, or “standby power,” is the electricity consumed by devices when they are plugged in but turned off or in standby mode. As noted above, vampire power accounts for about 40 percent of the energy consumed by electronics. In order to reduce this wasted energy, unplug devices when not in use. Another, more
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Cheap Electronics

Today, people are switching to the latest models as quickly as new models come out of the market. The electronics manufacturers take advantage of the situation by coming up with new products and models regularly within short periods of time. Because of this the electronics industry runs away with huge profits every year.

However, due to the sudden economic downturn, people have become conservative with their purchases. It seems when the economy was hit by the recession, people became more price conscious about the products that they are buying.

When it comes to electronic products, many are now buying the brands that come from China because they are much cheaper than the more popular brands. There is a big chunk of market out there who have created a trend in buying cheap electronics. Much of these people can be found surfing the net for the best deals in electronic products. … Read the rest

Electronics Recycling Is Saving the Earth

Recycling of e-wastes should be done by a company that specializes in such a task. There are many recycling companies to choose from, but before choosing, you have to make sure the company is operating under strict environmental compliance. The recycling company you should choose is a company that has certifications from regulating bodies like the special body that issues ISO certification.

Electronics recycling is a complex process. It is more complex than what you imagine when recycling plastics, bottles and other common wastes. If you surrender an electronic device that no longer works, the recycling company will take the parts that can still be used. For example: a non-functional television. A television is made of so many parts including valuable metals like copper. This copper may be used for another purpose like when repairing other devices that need copper replacement. More than 90 percent of an electronic device can … Read the rest

Electronic Paper Technology

Unlike LCD, LED, or CRT display system, electronic paper technology attempts to achieve the clarity, contrast, and ease of viewing of normal paper on an electronic display.

The technology behind electronic paper is thirty years old; it was developed at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). Nicholas K. Sheridon of Xerox PARC created a new display technology known as Gyricon (Greek for ‘rotating image’), which became the basis of the modern e-paper technology.

The ideal modern electronic paper should have high contrast like normal paper and low power consumption; it should be thin and light as well. The electronic paper display (EPD) is so light that it can be folded or curled, while still retaining the image. Also, the EPD should not lose the image even if power supply is not available. These concepts were used in the production of such products as Fabric PC from Fujitsu, which is a … Read the rest

Electronic Waste is Dangerous

Many nations that have enacted laws about electronic waste to help try and keep it out of their landfills or to have them taken to a landfill that is equipped to handle material that is toxic. In electronic waste, also shortened to e-waste, the heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium do pose serious health and environmental risks. Many consumers have been trained to know that cathode ray tubes are dangerous and require special disposal but are not trained to connect cell phones with beryllium. This is heavy metal that is toxic enough that it can cause severe damage to your lungs.

In addition to all of the toxins that electronic waste in the landfill it can also take a very long time to bio-grade, which means that e-waste will be taking up space in a landfill for centuries. What to do with electronic waste is a serious problem. Many … Read the rest

Using Electronics at Sea

When it comes to transducers on fishing electronics, there are single frequency transducers and dual frequency transducers. Single frequency transducers are used for lakes, while dual frequency is used when you are fishing in deep water. In deep water, the higher frequency transducer on a dual transducer fish finder is the one that shows all the fish.

You can also get display screens on marine electronics with many different resolutions. Of course, the higher the resolution, the better the image. Color screens are better viewed in direct sunlight. The overall size of the monitor may be anywhere from four to seven inches, measured on the diagonal. Generally, the more power your fishing electronics come with, the better are the results, even in still or shallow water. Depth penetration is related to the quality and the power of the transducer. Better transducers penetrate the water best. Saltwater and muddy water will … Read the rest

Electronic Locksmiths

There are various types of locks available today in the market. The fascinating part is that for almost all types of locks there are special locksmiths. One of the most popular types of locks today for consumers is electronic lock. Hence, we get electronic locksmiths. What exactly is an electronic lock? Well, it is basically a locking devise which works with the assistance of electricity or electric current. These locks are connected with an access system. The main advantage of locks with electronic properties is that they can be connected to the access system is that they can be keyless. If required, changes can be made in the access system and keys can be used too. The best part is that no changes are required in the lock when one shifts from keyless to with keys.

Opening an electronic lock is like pressing a button. Electronic locksmiths can add a … Read the rest

Electronic Equipment Repair

Do not give in to pressure from parents or other forces or base your decision on the money will make. You may get a good paying job but you may not necessarily be happy. If your work does not match your values, interests and personality, it will not be long before you feel the strain. You need the passion in you to keep yourself going on bad days.

Sometimes being passionate about your career is not good enough. You should consistently plan and prepare to ensure that your technical skills and abilities are on par with your career ambitions. Let’s take this for example, if you want to be a good electronic repairer, you need to stay ahead of the learning curve and update yourself on new technical issues.

Ok, let’s come back the topic of “You can do all kinds of electronic equipment repair”. Why I want to bring … Read the rest