Space Beyond Space

SD CardsĀ support encryption and content protection that is indicated by the word ‘Secured’. A user can ensure that the data he has stored are secured unless and until he takes the necessary steps to unprotect them. Thus, SD cards offer the benefit of ‘write protection’. So, fears of accidentally losing or changing data can be eliminated by using these cards. Still, these are used for regular storage due to their small size and fast transfer rate.

Mini SD and Micro SD CardsĀ are the miniature variations of the SD Card. They were introduced with dramatically smaller footprints: the former in 2003 and the later in 2005. Electrically, as well as software compatible, both these variations fit into a regular SD slot via an adapter. One of the great things about these cards is that the user can choose the size, as well as the quantity to have on hand, … Read the rest


Negroponte and his team set out to build a $100 laptop so that people and especially children all around the world could be online. Although the project now looks more like it will be $175 per laptop it is still a very viable concept.

Currently we have 6.6 billion people on the planet and 2 billion of them are children. Only the children in the first world countries have computers or laptops. More and more children will have access to the Internet in the future, but right now most children do not. If we are to bring up the entire world we need to start with the children and get them use to using computers.

If not they may be left behind as the world moves forward and it may cause them to have economic hardship throughout their lives. One laptop per child or OLPC is a great concept. There … Read the rest

Necessity of Spy Electronics

Spy electronics are necessary to make the whole surveillance profession work. After all, if you do not have recording equipment, or equipment to recover the recordings, then it is no good. You cannot perform effective surveillance. Additionally, electronics in places like command centers and control rooms are what coordinate the efforts of individual pieces of electronic equipment and they also direct the surveillance efforts. In today’s world, the professional needs electronics to be an effective bounty hunter or private investigator.

Spy electronics are not only necessary for people like PIs and bounty hunters. The military makes extensive use of these things. Indeed, their electronic spy devices include things like unmanned spy planes and prototypes for other high tech equipment. Police and government intelligence agencies also make heavy use of spy electronics. Wiretaps and the equipment to listen to what is heard fall into the category of electronics. Other forms of … Read the rest

Future of Inkjet Cartridges

Have you heard of “Zink”? No not Zune, Zink. Well, you may hear of this a lot in the not so distant future. Zero Imaging, or as it is referred to as zero ink (ZINK), is a new technology that is literally inkless. It is creating the future of digital printing. You will be able to produce high quality prints and photos without a ribbon or ink cartridge. So how do they do it? What is their secret?

The secret is their patented paper. This technology houses dye crystals inside the paper with a polymer layer outside. Before printing, the embedded dye crystals are colorless, so Zink paper looks like regular white photo paper. The Zink printer uses heat to activate and colorize these dye crystals. The printing process is now radically simple. Just add paper and press “print”. The result is high quality, long-lasting, durable, and affordable images.

You … Read the rest

USB Headsets

Yet another added feature attached to the Wireless headset is the USB headset, and it can be termed one of the most advanced and luxurious of all as it offers so much comfort to the user. These use the most advanced data transfer method by the use of Universal Serial Bus method, combining the comfort and luxury so far not possible with the ordinary Headsets. These Headsets can give you a totally new online experience as you can use them for any audio related functions on your computer and the Interne. These have been designed for using for longer periods and so there is no question of feeling the strain on your ears. They come with very carefully designed ear pads so that they take all the discomfort of using a headset.
These USB wireless Headsets come with a host of features including the external noise cancellation function that cancels … Read the rest

Benefits of Digitizing Video

There are two popular ways to convert VHS to DVD, firstly through the use of a DVD recorder, and secondly sophisticated digitization use such as using the expert services of a professional company which specializes in saving your memories to DVD. The professionals can transfer your VHS tapes to digital files, and also ensuring digital enhancement methods are achieved through professionally dedicated hardware. The professional hardware allows the content to be color corrected and audio is adjusted and re-mastered digitally.

So, there are techniques that individuals can perform to transfer their videos to DVD themselves, however, getting a professional company to digitally re-master your videos into digital format will ensure top digital DVD enjoyment and maximum DVD visual and audio enhancement and quality.

Consumers can enjoy digitally re-mastered DVD’s of videos which greatly enhances viewing quality. Transferring your videos to DVD will allow you to enjoy the DVD on many … Read the rest

Wireless-N Router

A great addition for the wireless-N router is the USB 2.0 port. This port allows you to do some creative things with your router and network that you have not previously been able to do. For one, you can now simply plug your printer into the router and give it wireless capability. The benefit gets stronger when you go out and try to find a color inkjet printer less than a hundred bucks that has built-in wireless or even a network port. Additionally, most network-capable printers today are wireless b/g printers only.

The file-and-print server is a welcomed addition to wireless-N router. As discussed above, you can now plug a color inkjet printer that costs under $200 into the USB 2.0 port and give it wireless capability. The file-and-print server functionality goes farther than that though. Now you can also attach a USB hard drive to the router to create … Read the rest

Learn Electronics

Go to the library. The library is the haven for books. There, you can find different books about different topics which make the library the best place to gather information. You can go to the engineering section, if your library has one. You can either read books or journals that will give you knowledge about the basics of electronics. If you can, find those books with CD so it will be easier for you to study.

Surf the internet. With the modern world, it is very easy to search things on the internet nowadays. You can search various subjects such as how to light a bulb and how to make your own light bulb. This humongous amount of information makes the internet another great place to learn about electronics. Make use of the search box and type the keywords. Once you have entered the keywords, you will have plenty of … Read the rest

Green Laser Pointers

The green beam is produced at a visible light frequency of 532nm and utilizes “frequency doubling” crystal technology in order to produce the bright green light. The crystal actually produces an IR (infrared) beam at around 808nm which is doubled and then collimated producing the illuminating green laser light.

Hand held pointers are a very practical form of technology, but they have also found a strong hold amongst gadget enthusiasts and laser astronomers alike. Green lasers are so useful for astronomy applications because of how bright the beam is. For years the only available form of hand held laser technology came available to produce the red laser beam. This is less bright in comparison to a green beam, so as technology improved and pointers became widely available for lower costs, the entire community of astronomy slowly but surely updated their tools to meet current standards.

Learning is far easier when … Read the rest

Handy Electronic Gadgets

So many electronic stores have opened to sell electronic gadgets. The mushrooming of these stores is brought about by a significant increase in demand in the market. After all, in these modern times, almost everyone is indulging to electronic gadgets, one way or another.

The rise of the electronics industry is also an obvious indication that we now live in a world of technology. Wherever we look, be it in the offices or in the comforts of our own homes, technology is prevalent.

The handy electronic gadgets are used for people to communicate, to listen to music, to exercise, to write down notes, and play games. There are also electronic gadgets where movies can be viewed, along with other entertainment shows like concerts or instructional videos. There are also electronic gadgets that take photographs or print pictures.

Indeed, these gadgets were only thought of yesterday. It has radically changed the … Read the rest