LCD Monitor vs CRT Measurements

Now take a ruler or tape measure, and measure the actual image you are viewing, measure diagonally, and you will see that the actual measurement is smaller than the monitors claimed size. For example, my 19 inch CRT monitor, measuring the actual image from the bottom left hand corner of the picture to the upper right hand corner is actually 17.25 inches, or in other words, only .25 inches larger than 17 inches, if the monitor measurement were the actual viewing screen this 19 inch monitor would only qualify as a 17 inch LCD monitor. This is where the LCD measurement comes in.

LCD monitors are measured by actual viewable area of the screen. They do not have a large rounded out tube beyond the screen, it is a flat panel of Liquid Crystals behind which are a series of tube lights that shine through the color crystals to illuminate

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Google’s Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 adds some more AI-powered smarts, relying increasingly on its software to determine the overall look of the final image. And while the camera has some moments where it’s truly excellent, I ran into a few growing pains as Google tries to calculate its way to perfect photos.

What’s new?

On paper, the Pixel 4’s camera doesn’t seem all that different from the hardware that came before it. The primary exception is the notable addition of a telephoto lens, which Google intends to improve performance specifically when it comes to zooming and portrait mode. The shooter’s competition, however, is stiffer this year: Apple seems to have corrected some the over-zealous HDR tech that made iPhone XS images look unrealistic and unnatural at times, and the Cupertino company promises to further improve the iPhone 11 Pro’s already-very-good camera when its detail-enhancing Deep Fusion tech arrives in the next iOS

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Continuous Ink Systems

Continuous Ink Systems were introduced in 1999, however have had a significant growth in the consumer market over the last few years. The problem associated with regular ink jet printer cartridges is the cost. The price of cartridges varies depending on the printer model and brand. However because cartridges contain very little ink – there is very little value.

Continuous ink systems use ink tanks which are designed to sit beside a printer. These ink tanks can contain up to 100x the amount of ink compared to regular ink jet printer cartridges. Unlike most cartridges, CIS ink tanks can be refilled one-by-one. The fact that CIS contain much more ink, means that you don’t need to replace ink every few weeks.

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Megabites Of Memory


Memory is the ability to retain data for a period of time. Memory can be built right into a system board, but it is usually attached to the system board in the form of a chip or module. Memory chips are tiny electronic circuits specially designed for storing data. Memory chips reside on the motherboard, or on a added memory boards inside your PC. Memory is very easy to install in computers, but be sure you buy the correct type of memory. Memory upgrades should be compatible with the memory already in your computer, and they must be compatible with the motherboard in your computer.


Computers generally come with no less than 256MB of memory for a basic computer. You can upgrade that to 512MB or more with the addition of one or two modules. Although older computers may not support that much. To installing CD-ROM drive you … Read the rest

HON Computer Desks

Hon 10700 Series Laminate Desks: The 10700 Series of Hon computer desks is known for its durable, high-pressure laminate and waterfall edge. The Waterfall edge office desk collection offers a full-extension file with ¾ extension box drawers, “one key” core removable locks and file drawers with rails for easy file-folder hanging.

Hon 10600 Series Laminate Desks: This desk collection is known as radius edge office furniture, thanks to a single radius edge styling, and drawer fronts which are flush. The wood grain laminate surfaces resist scratches. All file drawers extend completely, but box drawers extend only 3/4 of the way, and both drawers are on steel ball-bearing suspensions.

Hon 10500 Series Laminate Desks: The desks in this collection are quite durable, with laminate surfaces which are scratch resistant. All file drawers extend completely, but box drawers extend only 3/4 of the way, and both drawers are on steel ball-bearing suspensions. … Read the rest

Laptop Security

Whenever there is a laptop theft, only a few of the culprits are concerned about the data it contains but more are concerned with its digital treasures like the hard drives. By selling them they seek quick profits. This article is devoted on how you can secure your laptop and will give you a brief overview on how users can prevent laptop thefts.

With the increasing number of laptop thefts, people have become more concerned about their possession. To support this there is available a wide range of security products depending on your requirements. Of which the most important is the users self security. You should be very careful with your machine while traveling. The others security means are:

  • Laptop Security Cables: It is the most cheapest and effective security measure available in the market. Laptop Security Cables are light weight cables that wrap around a stationary device and lock
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Poor Quality Printer Ink

There are two sides to the debate. On one hand, the printer companies all claim these discount ink cartridges can cause your print quality to suffer or even damage the printer. Some go as far as to say they will void your warranty.

On the other hand, the companies that sell the remanufactured cartridges and refill kits claim that these stories are just hype to make you buy the original cartridges.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, it’s true that the original brand of ink cartridge will give you the best possible print quality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same kind of results with a cheaper option.

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Progressive vs Interlaced

To understand the difference between interlaced and progressive scanning, you must understand how television images are typically composed. Two fields create one frame. Each field is interlaced so that when combined together, they create a full image called a frame. In television, 30 frames are shown per second, or 60 fields per second. 1080i indicates a picture’s resolution using interlaced. This results into a high resolution image with television-like quality.

Progressive images dispense with the fields and display progressive, multiple full frames. 1080p indicates a high resolution image that appears more like film. Blu-ray disc offers the higher quality 1080p video resolution. In fact, this HDTV video quality is the premier option available far surpassing any other medium or broadcast format currently on the market.

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Computer Internal Clocks


I’m sure your heard about atomic clock, this kind of clock is very accurate. Why not have atomic clock at your desktop. If it works properly you will be able to synchronize your computer clock with atomic time servers. If you do decide to operate a timeserver, be sure to calibrate your atomic clock regularly. If you don’t have an atomic clock, build one. The atomic clock signal will penetrate almost all buildings, except typically commercial steel buildings that have few windows. Conventional personal computers are required to be connected to the Internet in order to obtain an atomic clock signal that can update a clock of the personal computer (PC). Current operating system software permits access to the atomic clock broadcast to update the PC clock as long as there is an Internet connection for broadcasting the atomic clock signal to the computer. Also, heat can have an … Read the rest

Modern Photo Printer

When we download digital pictures from our camera onto our computers, we then have the option to print the pictures from our printer. But suddenly, the average printer wasn’t good enough, as they turned pictures that boasted contrasting light and bold colors on the computer into washed-out grainy reproductions upon printing. The photo printer, rather, is designed to give you a true, superior reproduction of your photo and does so in very little time. Most designs of the photo printer include the use of an ink-jet system that has the ability to represent color meticulously.

There are even newer models of a photo printer that offer the ability to plug your digital camera straight into the printer, thus eliminating the need for download onto your computer. These advancements continue to come as manufacturers assess and meet the needs of today’s busy consumers.

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